By The Numbers: Disposals Per Inside 50 JLT Series 2

With the change in rules teams may look to improve ball movement in 2019, those teams that can achieve fast & efficient ball movement under the new rules will likely increase an Inside 50 count & subsequently increase scoring.

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2019 JLT 2 Disposals Per Inside 50

JLT 2 did provide more data however with teams at different levels of preparation it is still difficult to gauge if these numbers will hold early in the 2019 H&A season, Carlton were ranked No.1 again recording 58 Inside 50s with only 330 Disposals.

Despite a 42pt loss Gold Coast were also efficient against Sydney, the Suns recorded 56 Inside 50s from 338 Disposals.

Adelaide recorded 447 Disposals against the Giants for just 48 Inside 50s, Port Adelaide recorded 51 Inside 50s from 411 Disposals against Nth Melbourne in a very low pressure game.

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2019 JLT Disposals Per Inside 50

Carton were ranked No.1 in the 2019 JLT Series, the Blues recorded 5.75 Disposals per Inside 50 (2018 H&A season: 7.68, Rank 18).

Fremantle finished the JLT Series ranked 4th recording 6.59 Disposals per Inside 50 (2018 H&A season: 7.56, Rank 17).

St Kilda recorded 6.38 Disposals per Inside 50 over both games (2018 H&A season: 6.38, Rank 16).

Nth Melbourne recorded the biggest differential compared to the 2018 H&A season, the Kangaroos recorded 9.30 Disposals per Inside 50 in the 2019 JLT Series (2018 H&A season: 7.04, Rank 5).

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2018 H&A Season Disposals Per Inside 50

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