West Coast Update: 2022 Game Plan Change

West Coast senior coach Adam Simpson confirmed there will be some changes to their game plan in 2022, the Eagles have previously been maligned for slow ball movement.

Simpson tried to withhold specifics of the changes, he broadly stated their would be change on ball movement, defensive structure and method around contests. 

His insight on Tuesday to the media signals a change from the previous game plan. 

“We’ve changed a few things, we’re training on some different methods.”

“We’ve got some new coaches, there’s a different environment different feel at the club.”

“From a football point of view, we’re excited.”

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings “We’re tweaking a couple of things with the way we move the ball, the way we defend and our contest method as well.”

“Some new coaches in the environment have brought new ideas, and new opportunities to train them.”

“It’s all connected for us in terms of what we want to do, with the way we defend, the way we handle the contest and it reflects on the way we move the ball.” Simpson said. 

West Coast are currently scheduled to play Fremantle in the AAMI Community Series on March 6 at Fremantle Oval.

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Source: West Coast
Image: West Coast