DFS Strat: Round 8 Sunday

❄ Trent Cotchin (MB $8,300, DS $12,850)

Cotchin is a pretty contentious selection on the Sunday slate, his salary although on the middle tier of Mids does look on the surface as potential value but there  are some pretty important numbers to throw into the mix.

Cotchin is coming off a knee injury that kept him out of the game last week against Fremantle, in the 3 games prior to last week he averaged 79.7pts (Season Ave: 84.0pts). In the last 2 games against Nth Melbourne Cotchin has averaged a whopping 133.0pts, he averaged 33.0 Disposals in both games recording a high of 148pts last year which included 12 Tackles.

The last game in which Ben Jacobs (Nth Melbourne) played against Richmond was back in 2015, he tagged Cotchin in that game and held him to just 9 Disposals in a game in which Nth Melbourne won by 17pts.

The numbers for Cotchin this year are underwhelming, he is in a potential tag spot against Nth Melbourne and is coming of an injury. If Cotchin beats you today then it’s more than acceptable, rostering Cotchin in a potential fail spot may not be.


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🔥 Gary Ablett (MB $10,600, DS $17,000)

At the top of the tree on both platforms today is one Gary Ablett, in the 2 games leading up to his Round 3 Hamstring Injury he averaged 127.5pts (Average Disposals: 37.0). In his last 3 non-injury games dating back to 2012 Ablett has destroyed Collingwood averaging a ridiculous 167.0pts, in his last game against the Magpies he scored 152pts recording 41 Disposals.

Many will fear the high price tag & potential injury for Ablett on Sunday, the good thing about DFS is that you can just rent a player for one day & not have to worry about anything else.

The Magpies aren’t that restrictive against opposition premium Mids this year so the green light to roster Ablett is well and truly on, it is recommended having more shares of him than not on Sunday.


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