2022 Brownlow Medal Form Guide

Every single projected Brownlow Medal vote will be available this year on aflratings.com.au.

If you want to crush your sportsbook, office sweep and any type of contest then keeping updated throughout the 2022 H&A season is a must.

Votes will be released Monday around midday (Australian eastern time) on a standard week or midday the following day once a round has been completed.

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It is expected the votes for the final round will be released at midnight once the H&A season has been completed.

Votes will be released on this link on aflratings.com.au: Brownlow Form Guide 

Following @aflratingsLab on Twitter will be critical, that will be the first announcement on social media each week that votes have been released.

It will also be a great resource for additional Brownlow Medal news and other AFL market news. 


Brownlow Medal Form Guide

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