2022 Coach Quotes: Round 2

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Ash Hansen on:

Oscar McDonald

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Back spasm”

Patrick Cripps

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He’s playing his role for the team pretty well and he’s just being a sensational leader through action and through the work he’s doing behind the scenes that many don’t see.”

“The selfless nature of his game has never been greater, as much as he had centre bounce clearances there were some fantastic blocks in there which allowed others to really dominate and get field position.”

“He’s certainly got a lot of support around him at the moment and he’s really buying in to sharing that workload so he’s at his dynamic best when he’s on the field.”

Adam Cerra & Jack Martin

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“That’s the expectation (they’ll be available next week).”

George Hewett

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“George did a fantastic job for a period of time to pay a little bit of attention there (to Marcus Bontempelli),”

“And once again it’s another example of a player doing a role for the team until we got that under control.”

Sam Walsh

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He’s also an absolute professional that did everything right (to return early), was always the first at the club, the last to leave.”

Lochie O’Brien

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“It’s great growth for Lochie, we know his running capacity, his ability to use the footy, but he’s really starting to buy in to the contest.”

Jacob Weitering

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Jacob really sets himself for those 1v1 battles (on Aaron Naughton).”

Matthew Kennedy

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“His last month Matty Kennedy has been huge.”

“He’s just growing every week.”


Hayden Crozier

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He just fainted (in the change rooms).”

“Our medical staff think he’s okay.”

Aaron Naughton

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He got a really deep calf cork.”

Bailey Smith

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Hopefully he comes up (for next week), we’ll see.”


John Longmire on:

Lance Franklin

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He’s played for Hawthorn and us and been a star at both clubs and a star of the game.”

“He’s just so humble.”

“He’s a very humble superstar, they’re always the best types.”

Isaac Heeney

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He’s been fantastic the first couple of weeks.”

“He’s got all the talent, but what I love about Isaac is he works so hard at his game.”

Paddy McCartin

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He’s still learning the craft (defensive role).”

“He was good particularly early tonight, he was very clean and composed.”


Chris Scott on:

Jeremy Cameron

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“In the end he wasn’t really close to missing (the game).”

Brad Close

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“It was a really complete game for a small running forward.”

“He was clearly our best player tonight we thought.”

“He’s developing really well.”

Mark Blicavs (Shoulder)

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He’ll be fine they tell me.”

Mitch Duncan

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He got through well.”

“Mitch will be better for the run.”


Craig McRae on:

Nathan Kreuger

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“It’s probably a little bit too early to tell (shoulder), he’s got to have to get a scan.”

“I think he might have subluxed his shoulder.”

“He gives a good contest and he puts pressure on.”

“It’s probably unlikely he plays play next week I assume.”

Mason Cox (Ankle)

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He was close (to playing).”

“It’s probably another watch and see.”

Jack Ginnivan

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“We’re just happy with the way he’s playing at the moment.”

Taylor Adams

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He had a migraine.”

Jordan DeGoey

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Jordy is starting to really standout in the centre bounces,”

“He’s become a real weapon for us.”


Matthew Nicks on:

Rory Sloane

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Bit of soreness through his adductor I believe.”

Riley Thilthorpe

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He’s developing as a footballer.”

“It’s the hardest position to come in as a young kid into footy (playing key forward).”

“We’ll keep working with him and he’ll be back (at some stage).”


Ben Rutten on:

Nik Cox

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Reasonably solid rolled ankle.”

Zach Merrett

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“An ankle as well, but I think more on the minor end of it at this stage.”

Archie Perkins

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“I thought he was really good,”

“He’s had a really good summer, really good pre-season.”

“He’s becoming a really important player for us ahead of the ball.”

Jake Stringer

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He’s probably not at his absolute best.”

“He’s probably spending more time forward a little bit due to that.”

“We’ll expect him to get better over the next few weeks.”

Tex Wanganeen

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“I think it’s a good indication of probably a where he’s at (named sub).”

“He’s not far away.”

Peter Wright

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He’s a real aerial threat when he’s got his timing right.”

Dylan Shiel (Side strain)

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Not a long term thing, he’ll have to get through training.”

“Hopefully available.”

Nic Martin

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“We’ll get Nic Martin back from Covid protocols.”

Harrison Jones

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Not far off, probably another week or two.”

“He’s missed a lot of the pre-season.”


Chris Fagan on:

Lachie Neale

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“It was a special game by him, he’s had a very very good pre-season.”

“He’s very determined this year.”

Dayne Zorko

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“The injury that he’s got is not really an injury, it’s sort of the leftovers of a surgery that he’s had which is car tissue which hurts a bit and can swell a little bit.”

“It’s better that he actually keeps playing.”

“Played pretty well, looks alright at half-back.”

“I’m not sure (if that role continues), because we’ve got Kiedean Coleman recuperating from a hamstring injury at the moment.”

“And we’ve got some other guys who can play at half-back as well.”

“I think we’ll just use him where we need him, no doubt that’ll change across the course of the season.”

Mitch Robinson

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Mitch Robinson will be available next week.”


Sam Mitchell on:

Mitch Lewis

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He’s shown glimpses across the last couple of years of strong performances.”

Josh Ward and Connor MacDonald

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“They’ve come a long way.”

“They’ve still got a fair bit to learn.”

Chad Wingard

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He had some hamstring stuff and with his history we obviously took him out of the game and didn’t take any risk with that.”

“We’ll assess him during the week and see how that plays out.”


Ken Hinkley on:

Charlie Dixon

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Charlie’s progressing well, he looks like he’s close.”

Trent McKenzie

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Rolled ankle, different injury to last week.”


Simon Goodwin on:

Max Gawn and Luke Jackson

“We’ve spoken as a coaching group and also with the two of those guys that it’s a horses for courses thing in terms of time in the ruck.”

“We’ll identify what’s going to give the team the vest advantage.”

Jake Bowey

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He’s a much improved player Jake.”

“He played an outstanding game last week but it was more defensive and didn’t get reward with the ball in hand, tonight he played exactly the same game and got some reward with the ball.”


Stuart Dew on:

Izak Rankine

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“We missed him, I think he was in a number of score involvements last week, not just his own.”

“We’ll look to get him back on the park this week.”

Nick Holman (cut eye)

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Just a head clash.”


David Noble on:

Nick Larkey

“I thought he was terrific.”

“I think he’s the benefit of some better system up forward as well.”

“But I think Nick has gone to work over the pre-season, I think he’s a bit stronger, a bit fitter.”

Tristan Xerri

“Tristan Xerri in the ruck continues to improve.”

Hugh Greenwood

“I though his game was outstanding.”

“Hugh’s on field leadership is exceptional.”

Tarryn Thomas

“Not sure on Taz, I haven’t had an update from our medicos yet.”

Luke Davies-Uniacke

“But certainly Luke will follow the (concussion) protocols.”

Jason Horne-Francis

“He continues to build.”

“He’s so clean around the ball.”

“I think he looks like he’s settled into the level, the speed really comfortably.”

“We did today (increase midfield usage) with the necessity of the rotations.”

Callum Coleman-Jones

“He’s got to get up to speed and put some pressure on those two guys for sure.”

Kyron Hayden

“Just had a bit of gastro overnight (late withdrawal).”


Adam Simpson on:

Bailey Williams

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Bailey Williams gets a chance to hold down No.1 ruck spot (without Nic Naitanui today), and I thought as the game went on he grew and grew.”

Declan Mountford

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Mountford when he came on he ran with Simpkin and I thought did a tremendous job.”

Brayden Ainsworth

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Ainsworth was the other one who also came in and played his role as well.”

“I don’t think it’s a major knee issue but it was enough to sub him out.”

Jack Darling

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He competed all day, probably lowered his colours but I’m really happy he got through to be honest.”

Liam Duggan

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Liam Duggan hasn’t played since he had major knee surgery, so he was due for 70-80 minutes (WAFL) of probably not as intense football and he looked really good.”

Luke Edwards

AFL News on Twitter @aflratingsLuke Edwards same sort of thing (as Liam Duggan),so we made him a sub.”

Willie Rioli

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Bit of an interrupted pre-season, pretty good last week, very good today.”

Andrew Gaff

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Just a sore foot, I don’t think it’s major.”


Brett Ratten on:

Jack Higgins

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He was I think our best pressure player in our front half.”

Max King

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“To kick 3 vital goals was really important.”

“He doesn’t have to have a heap of possessions to have an influence on the game.”

“He’s a vital reference point in our forward line.”

“He’s just still developing and he’s got a bit of work to do on some other aspects of his game.”

“He was an important player today.”

Rowan Marshall

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Marshall’s ruck work today, he didn’t have the possessions but geez his tap work was really good.”

Paddy Ryder

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He’ll be close to (returning) next week, we just want to see how he pulls up from today.”


Justin Longmuir on:

Sean Darcy

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He’s rolled his ankle, we’ll just have to wait for a scan, obviously it was bad enough for us to sub him out.”

Matt Taberner

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“He’s a chance absolutely (for next week), he’s progressed really well.”


Leon Cameron on:

Phil Davis

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“It looks like he’s hurt his hammy, to what extent we don’t know.”

“He’s been really good for us.”

Daniel Lloyd

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Lloyd looks like he’s probably got a shoulder or an arm issue.”

Jesse Hogan

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“I thought Jesse looked really dangerous up the ground, we didn’t give him enough looks at 0-30 (metres).”

“He’s going to be better for the run.”


Damien Hardwick on:

Trent Cotchin

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Trent was outstanding today, I think he had high pressure points, high contested ball, high tackle.”

Tom Lynch

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“I thought Lynchy was outstanding today, probably got the reward on the scoreboard.”

Thomson Dow

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“Thomson looked really lively in and around stoppage,”

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“We’re starting to see what he can do.”

Jack Ross

“We’ve predominately played him on a wing, he gets an opportunity to play a little bit more on ball today.”

“We’re pleased with what we saw.”

Noah Balta

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“It’s good for Noah to get some reward, I thought he looked really strong in the contest.”

“It was a really positive step forward for him.”

“It’s good to have that up our sleeve at stages.”

Robbie Tarrant

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“I thought it was an outstanding game by him.”

Dion Prestia, Jack Riewoldt and Dylan Grimes

“Dion is a chance, Jack’s a chance. Dylan will play (all next week).”

Toby Nankervis and Ivan Soldo

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings“I thought today Toby Nankervis and Ivan Soldo were difference makers in that part of the game.”

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