Sat. Jun 25th, 2022
Injury Update: Zak Butters

AFL News: Zak Butters has been sidelined possibly for the short term only. 

He injured his left knee on Saturday against Sydney, he was subbed out of the game. 

Butters has been diagnosed with a grade 2 MCL, he only missed one week last year with a similar injury. 

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He provided an update via SENSA on Monday.

“Pretty much the same as I did on my leg last year, but just the other leg this time.”

“I missed one week with it last year, so hopefully I can get a similar result to that I’d be pretty happy.”

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“That’s my plan, that’s what I’ll be going for.” Butters said. 

Port Adelaide senior coach said the injury outcome was “reasonably positive” on AFL360 Monday night.

“We’re not absolutely sure yet, the scans have been done.”

“It seems on the minor end of a medial, last year he did a medial similar, he was back within a week.” Hinkley said. 

Source: AFL360 SENSA
Image: Port Adelaide 


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