DFS Strat: Round 3 Saturday

Rory Laird (MB $8,900, MB $15,100)

Laird has opened up the 2018 H&A season on fire recording 40 Disposals or more in both games, he has recorded only 3 games of 40 Disposals or more over his career (103 games). Laird has averaged 132.5pts from 2 games which is more than 30pts above his 2017 season average (Incl. Finals), last year he scored 120pts or more in 12.0% of games.

At some point teams will start to deny Lairds access to the ball coming out of defence, with his salary in a top bracket and the likely scenario that he is heavily owned based on his hot start taking a stand against him might be a worthwhile consideration.


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Luke Dunstan (MB $7,000, DS $12,800)

Dunstan makes his first appearance for the Saints on Saturday night, having been left out of the opening 2 games he is likely to be hungry to make an impact. Dunstan scored 100pts or more in his final 6 games last season averaging 109.0pts, he averaged 27.8 Disposals over that same period.

Dunstan is part of a 2nd tier pack of value Mids on Saturday, the Crows conceded 391 Disposals against Essendon in Round 1 at Etihad Stadium and with a depleted premium midfield there may be an opportunity for St Kilda to increase their own numbers.

A definite consider for the Saturday slate.

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