The Real Season: 1 Oct – 7 Oct

The Real Season – Clubs continue to search for the Premiership formula through the Draft, Trade Period & Free Agency, follow all the moves & stories right here:

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7 Oct – Western Bulldogs

Marcus Adams has requested a trade to Brisbane via @cleary_mitch

Marcus Adams.JPG

7 Oct – West Coast

Andrew Gaff has decided to stay at the Eagles

6 Oct – B&F Winners

Hawthorn – Tom Mitchell

Fremantle – Lachie Neale

6 Oct – Hawthorn

Alastair Clarkson has signed a contract extension with the Hawks, he is now contract until the end of 2022

Alastair Clarkson.jpg

6 Oct – Port Adelaide

Paperwork has been lodged for Scott Lycett to join the Power on a 5 year deal via @cleary_mitch

PA Logo 280.jpg

5 Oct – B&F Winners

Nth Melbourne – Shaun Higgins

GWS Giants – Lachie Whitfield

Carlton – Patrick Cripps

Collingwood – Brodie Grundy & Steele Sidebottom

Sydney – Jake Lloyd

Port Adelaide – Justin Westhoff

West Coast – Elliot Yeo

5 Oct – Nth Melbourne

Scott Thompson has signed a 1yr contract extension at the Kangaroos, he is now contracted until the end of 2019

AA Post High.jpg

5 Oct – Nth Melbourne

Jed Anderson has signed a 2yr contract extension at the Kangaroos, he is now contracted until the end of 2020

Jed Anderson.jpg

5 Oct – Collingwood

Darcy Moore has agreed to a 2yr contract extension at the Magpies via @JakeNiallTHEAGE

Darcy Moore

5 Oct – Carlton

Patrick Cripps & Sam Docherty announced as joint Captains

Carlton Logo 280

5 Oct – Free Agent Signings

Fremantle sign Reece Conca

Geelong sign Luke Dahlhaus

5 Oct – St Kilda

“Nothing is really going on here” Peter Lenton (Lenton Sports) on a Jack Steven possible trade to Geelong via @traderadio

Jack Steven 1

5 Oct – Geelong

Tim (Kelly) clearly understands that he’s a contracted player for 2019 and if there’s no trade, he’ll be back joining pre-season and getting stuck into for next year again” Stephen Wells via @cleary_mitch @AFLcomau

AA Post High.jpg

5 Oct – GWS Giants

“The squad is still in the perfect age demographic”

“The forward line is too reliant.. on Toby Greene firing”

“This team needs more concentration on tactical tightness than personnel”

“.. if Lobb does go out the door the Rucks (are) right.. there’s still some work to be done around the Ruck” on needs

@thelistmanager on GWS Giants via @traderadio

GWS Giants Logo 280

5 Oct – Geelong

“They (Geelong) understand Tim’s situation.. we’d like to see what can happen.. Life would be a lot easier if he was back at home”

“He’s not keen to go to Fremantle at this stage”

Anthony Van Der Wielen (Empire Sports Management) on Tim Kelly via @traderadio

“I’d be staggered if he’s not at West Coast next year – @barrettdamian on Tim Kelly via @traderadio

Tim Kelly 1

5 Oct – GWS Giants

“There is a strong likelihood he could remain at the Giants” Alex McDonald (Hemisphere Management Group) on Jeremy Finlayson via @traderadio

Jeremy Finlayson

5 Oct – Gold Coast

“He hasn’t made any decisions” Alex McDonald (Hemisphere Management Group) on Steven May via @traderadio

No club has been ruled out – Alex McDonald

Steven May

5 Oct – St Kilda

“This year was a disaster for the Saints”

“I still think (Jack) that Billings should be playing a greater percentage of his role in the midfield”

“The midfield for me lacks class & depth”

“Ruck is still a real issue for me” on needs

@thelistmanager on St Kilda via @traderadio

St Kilda Logo 280

5 Oct – Gold Coast

Gold Coast Statement on Tom Lynch

The club will consider the offer & once a decision has been made this will be communicated – GC Suns

GC Logo 280

5 Oct – Fremantle

“We remain positive” Steve Rosich on Lachie Neale staying via @traderadio

“We wouldn’t accept Pick 4.. Our 1st, 2nd & 3rd preference is to retain Lachie (Neale)” Steve Rosich to via @traderadio

Lachie Neale

5 Oct – Fremantle

“That’s a possibility” Steve Rosich on trading for both Jesse Hogan & Rory Lobb via @traderadio

Fremantle Logo 280

5 Oct – Fremantle

“He needs to make a call.. we’re not there yet” Steve Rosich on Jesse Hogan via @traderadio

Jesse Hogan 2

5 Oct – Geelong

Geelong Statement on Tim Kelly

5 Oct – Richmond

Tom Lynch Free Agent paperwork has been lodged, Gold Coast have 3 days to match

RIC Logo 280.jpg

5 Oct – Geelong

Geelong sign Luke Dahlhaus

Luke Dahlhaus has joined the Cats on a 4yr deal

“Luke is a player that we identified as being able to come in & make an impact on our team” GM of Football Simon Lloyd

Luke Dahlhaus.jpg

5 Oct – Fremantle

Fremantle sign Reece Conca

Reece Conca has joined the Dockers on a 3yr deal

“We’re delighted to have Reece on board at Fremantle.. Reece is a fine young man who will not only help us grow on-field but contribute to the development of our young and emerging players” Steve Rosich

Reece Conca

5 Oct – Western Bulldogs

Confirmation the Bulldogs interested in Chad Wingard via @davo_media

“There’s no doubt we’ve got interest in Chad.. we’ve obviously signalled to his management he’s a player of interest to us” Sam Power (GM List & Recruiting)

Chad Wingard

5 Oct – Richmond

Coaching structure for 2019

5 Oct – Richmond

Tom Lynch will join Richmond on a 7 year deal (expected Ave $900K per year) via @JakeNiallTHEAGE

Tom Lynch

5 Oct – St Kilda

“No Pick 4 won’t be involved in the Dylan Shiel deal. It is incredibly unlikely” James Gallagher (Saints List Manager) via @MacquarieSport

5 Oct – Geelong

Tim Kelly has requested a trade to West Coast – @sam_mcclure via @traderadio

Tim Kelly.jpg

5 Oct – Port Adelaide

Scott Lycett has cleared a medical at the Power & has been offered a 5yr deal – @kanecornes via @traderadio

Scott Lycett.jpg

5 Oct – AFL Draft

“He’s the best prepared player I’ve seen for AFL level” Mick Turner (Geelong Falcons) on Sam Walsh via @traderadio

Sam Walsh

5 Oct – Fremantle

“Brisbane won’t make finals next year” @kanecornes via @traderadio

“I think he just wants to play in a premiership & believes Brisbane is closer to doing that” @TimGossage on Lachie Neale via @traderadio

Lachie Neale

4 Oct – Geelong

B&F Winner – Mark Blicavs

Mark Blicavs 2.jpg

4 Oct – Essendon

B&F Winner – Devon Smith

Devon Smith 1.jpg

4 Oct – Hawthorn

Coaching changes – Chris Newman will step into an assistant coaching role, Max Bailey will be senior coach of Box Hill

Haw Logo 280

4 Oct – Melbourne

Jesse Hogan has met with the Fremantle Football Club via @TimGossage @TenNewsPerth

Jesse Hogan 2

4 Oct – Port Adelaide

Chad Wingard shares his current thoughts on Instagram

4 Oct – Melbourne

“The Demons took a big step this year.. it should be just the beginning of their journey”

“Demons fans should be expecting at least a few years of contending after a long wait”

“The backline is the question mark for me.. the issue is key defence.. Steven May becomes a critical component”

“I don’t get the (Braydon) Preuss situation.. Max (Gawn) is a dominant Ruckman.. I don’t see the 2 of them being able to work together as effectively as what some people must at the Melbourne footy club”

“Petracca.. should also now be ready to take his game to another level through the midfield & get more midfield time”

“A key defender & a small sharp forward” on needs

“The Demons are potentially on the cusp of greatness yet nothing in concrete has been achieved yet.. But Steven May might just be the missing key that could potentially unlock a 55 year Premiership drought”

@thelistmanager on Melbourne via @traderadio

Melbourne Logo

4 Oct – Mid Season Draft

A mid-season rookie draft will be introduced to the AFL in 2019 for players overlooked in drafts or previously on a club list – via @mickgleeson

2015 AFL Draft.jpg

4 Oct – Nth Melbourne

Nth Melbourne showing interest in Jeremy Finlayson – @barrettdamian via @traderadio

Jeremy Finlayson

4 Oct – Gold Coast

“Unfortunately the fledgling club is a mess.. personally I think head office (AFL) has to shoulder most of the blame”

“How do you (AFL) set up 2 new franchises & give them a completely different set of establishment rules from day 1?.. They (AFL) totally let them down”

“It’s a long way back for the Suns to become a really competitive football team”

“This is a club to me that’s in worse shape than when Fitzroy were abandoned from the competition”

“All the emphasis over the next few years.. even with what’s going out of the club needs to be focused on class through the middle of the ground” on needs

“Rebuilding this team is going to once again take time & patience.. i just hope they massively build the midfield structure this time around & clearly retention is going to be an issue”

@thelistmanager on Gold Coast via @traderadio

GC Logo 280

4 Oct – Nth Melbourne

Declan Mountford has been delisted

Nth Melbourne Logo Small.jpg

4 Oct – West Coast

Andrew Gaff to advise of his decision publicly after the Eagles B&F (Friday), it could be the weekend or Monday – @barrettdamian via @traderadio

Andrew Gaff 2.jpg

4 Oct – Melbourne

“He is dealing with some of those issues & whether he is best doing it here or in surroundings where he thinks he might be more familiar with, only time will tell.. He has got to make that decision” Peter Jackson on Jesse Hogan via @1116sen

Jesse Hogan 2

4 Oct – Gold Coast

Jack Martin won’t be traded – Craig Cameron via @traderadio

Jack Martin.jpg

4 Oct – Gold Coast

Steven May hasn’t requested a trade at this stage – Craig Cameron via @traderadio

Steven May

4 Oct – Melbourne

Dion Johnstone has been delisted

Melbourne Logo

4 Oct – Richmond

“Clearly they’ve got some cap pressures” Scott Lucas (Phoenix Mgt Group) on Richmond & the opportunity for Jacob Townsend to stay via @traderadio

Jacob Townsend

4 Oct – Collingwood

“We received an offer for Tom (Langdon) on Tuesday.. we’ve spoken & had discussions with other clubs.. still his intention (to stay at the Magpies)” Scott Lucas (Phoenix Mgt Group) via @traderadio

Tom Langdon 1

4 Oct – Nth Melbourne

Trent Dumont has signed a 2yr contract extension with the Kangaroos, he is now contracted until the end of 2021

AA Post High.jpg

4 Oct – Port Adelaide

“We plan for him to stay in 2019.. We’re not going to force him out” Chris Davies on Chad Wingard via @traderadio

Chad Wingard.jpg

4 Oct – St Kilda

“No, zero” Simon Lethlean on the chances Jack Steven will leave via @traderadio

Jack Steven 1.jpg

4 Oct – St Kilda

“We’re setting the foundations now (to play Finals)” Simon Lethlean via @traderadio

St Kilda Logo 280.jpg

4 Oct – St Kilda

“If he chooses the Saints, we’ll have to get to work (to complete a deal)” Simon Lethlean on Dylan Shiel via @traderadio

Dylan Shiel 1

4 Oct – AFL Draft

“It’s clear-cut for me.. You can’t go past Sam Walsh” @CalTwomey on the No.1 Draft Pick via @traderadio

Sam Walsh

4 Oct – Gold Coast

David Swallow set to stay at the Suns

“Sounds like he’ll recommit to the Suns” @cleary_mitch via @traderadio

David Swallow 1.jpg

3 Oct – Western Bulldogs

B&F Winner – Lachie Hunter

Lachie Hunter.jpg

3 Oct – Nth Melbourne

Aaron Hall has nominated the Kangaroos as his preferred club

Aaron Hall

3 Oct – GWS Giants

Shane Mumford is considering a comeback with the Giants via Shane Mumford is considering a shock comeback with

Shane Mumford.jpg

3 Oct – Fremantle

“.. when your ladder position remains at 14 & your percentage has you really non-competitive in many of your games there are still some serious questions that need to be asked about the clubs long term direction” @thelistmanager on Fremantle via @traderadio

“They are still miles off the potential Finals teams with the current structure that they’ve got in place” @thelistmanager on Fremantle via @traderadio

“The club really has failed to develop an adequate spine for some time now” @thelistmanager on Fremantle via @traderadio

“In one hit this could change the team dynamic (on Hogan & Lobb)” @thelistmanager on Fremantle via @traderadio

“With Lachie Neale out the door the club simply doesn’t have enough midfield depth .. the guys who go & really win their own football” @thelistmanager on Fremantle via @traderadio

“Key power Forwards.. big body Mids” @thelistmanager on Fremantle needs via @traderadio

Fremantle Logo 280.jpg

3 Oct – Nth Melbourne

Sam Wright has signed a 1yr contract extension with the Kangaroos

Sam Wright.jpg

3 Oct – Hawthorn

“It was a pretty impressive change around over the course of the season” @thelistmanager on Hawthorn via @traderadio

“Unless there are some drafting & trading miracles, I’m nowhere near as bullish as others are in regards to the Hawks & their future” @thelistmanager on Hawthorn via @traderadio

“This is an ageing list when you consider 8 potential starting players all 30+ years of age, that’s too many in my opinion” @thelistmanager on Hawthorn via @traderadio

“Within the next few years I just think their depth is really going to be challenged” @thelistmanager on Hawthorn via @traderadio

“If they’re going to compete against the best sides in the competition.. it’s got to be quality Mids.. Key Position Forwards has got to be a priority going forward” @thelistmanager on Hawthorn needs via @traderadio

Haw Logo 280

Jed Anderson set to re-sign at the Kangaroos – @barrettdamian via @traderadio

Jed Anderson.jpg

3 Oct – Richmond

Shai Bolton has signed a 1yr contract extension at the Tigers

Shai Bolton

3 Oct – Collingwood

“We have received an offer for Tom (Langdon), so this is something for Tom to consider.. When you leave the door ajar for any club, that player has got to be proactive” Scott Lucas via @MacquarieSport

Tom Langdon 1.jpg

3 Oct – Port Adelaide

St Kilda & Hawthorn have made enquiries about Karl Amon – James Pitcher (Precision Sports) via @traderadio

Karl Amon.jpg

3 Oct – Collingwood

“At this stage Pickers (Liam Pickering) is still working through it.. I’d anticipate that to happen (to stay at the Magpies)” James Pitcher (Precision Sports) via @traderadio

Darcy Moore

3 Oct – Gold Coast

“Aaron (Hall) is keen to get to Nth Melbourne” James Pitcher (Precision Sports) via @traderadio

Aaron Hall.jpg

3 Oct – Sydney

Andrew Pridham has described the Swans trade ban after securing Lance Franklin & the phasing out of COLA as one of the AFL Commission’s most ‘disgraceful decisions’ via @superfooty

Syd Logo

3 Oct – Brisbane

Ryan Lester has signed a 1yr contract extension with the Lions, he is now contracted until the end of 2019

Ryan Lester.jpg

3 Oct – Gold Coast

“It probably wasn’t what the Gold Coast would have preferred, they were keen for him to stay long term but they understand his position & the fact he was up front” Alex McDonald on Steven May meeting with other clubs via @1116sen

Steven May 1

3 Oct – Richmond

Reece Conca has accepted a 4yr deal to join Fremantle via Greg Denham @australian

Reece Conca

3 Oct – Adelaide

Brad Crouch won’t be traded – Justin Reid via @traderadio

Tyson Stengle has nominated the Crows as his preferred club – Justin Reid via @traderadio

Crows disappointed that Mitch McGovern has requested a trade.

If we can get something done, we’ll look at it – Justin Reid via @traderadio

ADE Logo 280

3 Oct – West Coast

Senior players believe Andrew Gaff is leaving

“Senior players at the Eagles I know think he’s gone.. They think he’s out” @tommorris32 via AFL Tonight (2 Oct)

Compensation for Andrew Gaff “It will be Pick 19” @cleary_mitch via @traderadio

Andrew Gaff.jpg

2 Oct – Richmond

B&F Winner – Jack Riewoldt

Jack Riewoldt 1.jpg

2 Oct – Fremantle

Lachie Neale has decided to join Brisbane on a 5yr deal via @sam_mcclure via @traderadio

Lachie Neale

2 Oct – Sydney

Dean Towers, Jordan Foote, Angus Styles & Jake Brown have been delisted

Syd Logo.jpg

2 Oct – Geelong

Jackson Thurlow, Jordan Murdoch & Daniel Menzel advised to explore opportunities elsewhere via @lachie_young

GEE Logo 280.jpg

2 Oct – Carlton

Levi Casboult has been told he’s on the trade table by the Blues – @cleary_mitch via @traderadio

Levi Casboult.jpg

2 Oct – Port Adelaide

Justin Westhoff has signed a 1yr contract extension with the Power, he is now contracted until the end of 2019

AA Post High.jpg

2 Oct – Adelaide

“Wow! Cant 12 months change a clubs outlook & fortunes.. this game is built on trust, if you don’t have that commodity you will always fall short” @thelistmanager on Adelaide via @traderadio

“This club continues to lose players.. we have to ask the question why.. that certainly does not help your planning.. continuity or stability” @thelistmanager on Adelaide via @traderadio

“The Crows have one of the best ready now list age profiles in the AFL.. but their time must be now” @thelistmanager on Adelaide via @traderadio

“I’m still concerned about their midfield depth.. it’s difficult to see enough young midfield talent coming through that side.. the number one need for them is depth of midfield talent” @thelistmanager on Adelaide via @traderadio

“It’s now or never for this Crows unit.. they should be able to make ground.. if not in 2019, it won’t be happening” @thelistmanager on Adelaide via @traderadio

ADE Logo 280.jpg

2 Oct – Port Adelaide

Jack Hombsch set to make a move to Gold Coast via @michelangeloruc

Jack Hombsch.jpg

2 Oct – Melbourne

We need support for Max Gawn – Josh Mahoney via @traderadio

We’ve done a thorough medical on Kade Kolodjashnij – Josh Mahoney via @traderadio

Melbourne Logo

2 Oct – Melbourne

Not sure at the moment, Jesse has got some thinking.. he’s going to take the next few days to decide – Josh Mahoney on Jesse Hogan via @traderadio

We wouldn’t be able to get Steven May with Jesse Hogan on our list – Josh Mahoney via @traderadio

Jesse Hogan 2

2 Oct – Essendon

“They looked like an absolute disaster in the opening 2 months of the year, but eventually they rebounded.. ” @thelistmanager on Essendon via @traderadio

“With the talent that they’ve got available this year undoubtedly.. it was a lost opportunity” @thelistmanager on Essendon via @traderadio

“The number one need is that class midfielder.. potentially for the future a Ruckman to.. replace Bellchambers” @thelistmanager on Essendon via @traderadio

Essendon Logo 280.jpg

2 Oct – GWS Giants

“We are managing a tight salary cap.. we’re really comfortable we can work our way through it” Jason McCartney via @traderadio

“We’re comfortable with what Dawson (Simpson) was able to produce this year.. we’ve got Matthew Flynn” Jason McCartney on GWS Ruck stocks via @traderadio

“I get the sense those 2 blokes (Shiel & Lobb) will be on the move” @thelistmanager via @traderadio

GWS Giants Logo 280

2 Oct – Melbourne

Max Gawn says 2 ruckman can work (he & Braydon Preuss) via @cleary_mitch at TAB Spring Racing Launch

Max Gawn 1

2 Oct – St Kilda

Billy Longer set to stay at the Saints via @cleary_mitch at TAB Spring Racing Launch

Billy Longer.jpg

2 Oct – Gold Coast

“Will (Brodie) is very happy at Gold Coast” Robbie D’Orazio via @traderadio

Will Brodie.jpg

2 Oct – Gold Coast

Jack Scrimshaw wants to return to Melbourne via @superfooty

“Probably just didn’t fit in” Robbie D’Orazio on Jack Scrimshaw via @traderadio

Jack Scrimshaw.jpg

2 Oct – Richmond

Sam Lloyd set to join the Bulldogs via @SamLandsberger

“Sam (Lloyd) will get to the Dogs” Robbie D’Orazio via @traderadio

Sam Lloyd.jpg

2 Oct – Gold Coast

Tom Lynch has informed the club of his desire to join the Richmond Football Club as a Restricted Free Agent

“Yeah, it’s exciting” Tom Lynch on joining the Tigers

“Time was right for me to move on from Gold Coast.. I’ve never played Finals before” Tom Lynch on joining the Tigers

Tom Lynch

2 Oct – Sydney

Tom Harley states the club is looking for Midfield depth & speed runners via @traderadio

Syd Logo

2 Oct – Port Adelaide

Justin Westhhoff to sign a 1yr contract extension – @kanecornes via @traderadio

Justin Westhoff 1.jpg

2 Oct – Gold Coast

“He’s been told, he won’t be traded as it sits” @cleary_mitch on Jack Martin via @traderadio

Jack Martin

2 Oct – Collingwood

“Right now Darcy Moore wants more money” @cleary_mitch via @traderadio

“Hasn’t progressed too much beyond that (Preliminary mid year discussions).. we’ll work our way though that in the next couple of days” Tom Harley on Darcy Moore via @traderadio

Darcy Moore

2 Oct – Nth Melbourne

“Melbourne must have sold that (Braydon) Preuss is playing” @kanecornes via @traderadio

Braydon Preuss 1

2 Oct – GWS Giants

Carlton/Adelaide Mitch McGovern Trade: “Adelaide are remembering that” @kanecornes referring to Stephen Silvagni stating that if a player is in contract you have to pay overs via @traderadio

Mitch McGovern 1

2 Oct – GWS Giants

Dylan Shiel won’t be heading to the Bombers due to contract terms – @MatthewLloyd18 via @traderadio

Dylan Shiel 1

2 Oct – Gold Coast

Kade Kolodjashnij has nominated Melbourne as his preferred club

“He’s not being offered a contract (from Gold Coast)” @cleary_mitch

2 Oct – Melbourne

It all points that Jesse Hogan is gone – @kanecornes via @traderadio

Kade Kolodjashnij.jpg

1 Oct – Melbourne

B&F Winner Max Gawn

Max Gawn.jpg

1 Oct – Port Adelaide

“I think they’re open to trading him.. I think he will be at Port Adelaide next year because there’s too many (Trade) obstacles to get through” @kanecornes on Chad Wingard via The Trade Table

Chad Wingard 1

1 Oct – Melbourne

“.. the first time Melbourne.. will openly engage in conversations with I believe firstly the Dockers.. that’s where I see this story now going for him to be at the Dockers in 2019 & beyond”@barrettdamian on Jesse Hogan via The Trade Table

Jesse Hogan 2.jpg

1 Oct – Hawthorn

Sam Mitchell to join the Hawks as an Assistant Coach – @barrettdamian via The Trade Table

Sam Mitchell1.jpg

1 Oct – GWS Giants

“The biggest offer.. has come from St Kilda.. more than $8 Million over a 6 year offer” @barrettdamian on Dylan Shiel via The Trade Table

Dylan Shiel 1

1 Oct – Gold Coast

“Melbourne seems to have made some front running on (Steven) May” @barrettdamian via @traderadio

Steven May.jpg

1 Oct – Collingwood

“They’ve set their sights on Marcus Adams” @cleary_mitch via @traderadio

Marcus Adams.JPG

1 Oct – Delisted Free Agent

“I wouldn’t say I’ve got really solid interest.. something might pop up at that late stage (Late in the Trade/Delisted Free Agent period)” Michael Barlow via @traderadio

Michael Barlow.jpg

1 Oct – GWS Giants

“If the opportunity comes up this year he would like to get back (to WA).. If it’s not this year, he’s out of contract next year & he would like to go back home at some stage” Nick Gieschen (TLA) on Rory Lobb via @traderadio

Rory Lobb.jpg

1 Oct – Melbourne

“It would have to be the right opportunity for him, but we’ll see how the next couple of weeks go.. there has been a little bit of interest for the clubs that need that type of player” Nick Gieschen (TLA) on Dom Tyson via @traderadio

Dom Tyson.jpg

1 Oct – West Coast/Nth Melbourne

Jared Polec expects Andrew Gaff to be at Nth Melbourne via @cleary_mitch

Andrew Gaff

1 Oct – Port Adelaide

No decision has been made by Chad Wingard on his future

“I think he may need a fresh start” @MatthewLloyd18 on Chad Wingard via @traderadio

1 Oct – Collingwood

Jamie Elliott has signed a 1yr contract extension at the Magpies

Jame Elliott 1

1 Oct – Gold Coast

“His name has been linked to a move back to Victoria” @sam_mcclure on Will Brodie via @traderadio

AA Post High

1 Oct – Gold Coast

“Jack Martin I don’t think will be going anywhere” @sam_mcclure via @traderadio

Jack Martin.jpg

1 Oct – Collingwood

“Alex Fasalo will join Carlton on a 3yr deal” @sam_mcclure via @traderadio

Alex Fasolo.jpg

1 Oct – St Kilda

“Pick 4 is definitely on the table for Dylan Shiel” @sam_mcclure via @traderadio

St Kilda Logo 280.jpg

1 Oct – Gold Coast

Tom Lynch to announce Richmond as his preferred club this week via @ClarkyHeraldSun

Tom Lynch.jpg

1 Oct – Carlton

Ciaran Byrne unlikely to return to Blues – @sam_mcclure via @traderadio

Ciaran Byrne.jpg

1 Oct – Brisbane

“We just have to sit back now” David Noble on waiting for Lachie Neale to decide via @traderadio

Lachie Neale 1.jpg

1 Oct – Brisbane

“We want to be active, we need to be active” David Noble on the upcoming trade period via @traderadio

Bri Logo 280.jpg

1 Oct – Sydney

“They’re are clearly up to something” @sam_mcclure on Sydney via @traderadio

Syd Logo.jpg

1 Oct – Gold Coast

“If he could choose, he would go to Collingwood” @sam_mcclure discussing the difficulty on Steven May getting to the Magpies & the deal Gold Coast would want via @traderadio

Steven May 1

1 Oct – Fremantle

“I think that deal is as good as done” @sam_mcclure on Lachie Neale on joining Brisbane via @traderadio

Lachie Neale

1 Oct – Collingwood

“If Darcy Moore puts up his hand, he’s off to Sydney” @thelistmanager via @traderadio

Darcy Moore

1 Oct – Carlton

“Not a possibility.. Sam Walsh is their man” Carlton won’t be giving up Pick 1 -@thelistmanager via @traderadio

Sam Walsh.jpg

1 Oct – Nth Melbourne

“He met with Sydney last week” @cleary_mitch on Ryan Clarke via @traderadio

Ryan Clarke

1 Oct – Richmond

“He’s looking for opportunities” @cleary_mitch on Jacob Townsend via @traderadio

“St Kilda.. is showing significant interested” @barrettdamian on Jacob Townsend via @traderadio

Jacob Townsend.jpg

1 Oct – Richmond

“The Crows are into him.. 3yr (contract) deal” @cleary_mitch on Tyson Stengle via @traderadio

1 Oct – GWS Giants

“Essendon & Carlton are going after him” @cleary_mitch on Will Setterfield via @traderadio

Will Setterfield 1.jpg

2018 AFL Trade Period Key Dates


Fri Oct 5:
Restricted free agency offer and unrestricted free agency period starts.

Mon Oct. 8 10am:
NAB AFL Trade Period starts

Fri Oct. 12 5pm:
Close of restricted free agency offer and unrestricted free agency period

Mon Oct. 15 2pm:
AFL restricted free agency matching offer three-day period ends

Wed Oct. 17 8.30pm:
NAB AFL Trade Period closes (for exchange of players)

Fri Nov. 16 2pm:
NAB AFL Trade Period closes (for exchange of selections only)


Tue Oct 2 – Fri Oct. 5:
AFL Draft Combine

Fri Oct. 5:
Victoria / NEAFL / Tasmania State Draft Combine

Sat Oct. 13:
South Australian Draft Combine

Sun Oct. 14:
West Australian Draft Combine


Thu Nov. 22 7pm – 9.30pm:
NAB AFL Draft (Round One)

Fri Nov. 23 10am – 1.30pm:
NAB AFL Draft (Round Two onwards to conclusion)

Fri Nov. 23 5pm:
NAB AFL Pre-Season Draft and NAB AFL Rookie Draft


Wed Oct. 31 2pm:
List Lodgement (1)

Thu Nov. 1:
AFL delisted player free agency period (1) starts

Thu Nov. 8:
AFL delisted player free agency period (1) closes

Sat Nov. 10:
AFL delisted player free agency period (2) starts

Fri Nov. 16 5pm:
AFL delisted player free agency period (2) closes

Fri Nov. 23 1.30pm – 2.30pm:
AFL delisted player free agency period (3)

Tue Nov. 27 2pm:
Final AFL club list lodgement

Cam Rayner.jpg

AA Post High.jpg