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2022 Coach Quotes: Round 13

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Damien Hardwick on:

Liam Baker

“He’s just such an important player,”

“I thought his last quarter was very special.”

Noah Balta

“I can’t honestly say he’s going to play forward, he’ll play some ruck and he’ll also play back.”

Judson Clarke

“Everything he does, it’s really clean.”

“He’s very very good at using the ball.”

Kane Lambert

“He wasn’t even going to play initially.”

“(Thought process) If he does come on, he plays limited minutes.”

Tom Lynch

“He’ll be back available (next game).”

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Ken Hinkley on:

Tom Jonas & Zak Butters

“They were fine (head clash).”

Trent Dumont

“He looks like he’s got a strained calf.”

Jeremy Finlayson

“We’re really pleased with the end result to be fair (starting ruck), we end up winning clearance. Its’s a pretty good performance by our midfield group.”

Brynn Teakle & Sam Hayes

“We’ve got some options that are available to us, but they’re both young and they’re both emerging.”

“Our preference is not to have to play all the time with Charlie (Dixon) & Jeremy (Finlayson) as ruckman.”

Brynn Teakle

“We’ve drafted him with an eye for now and the future.”

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Ben Rutten on:

Darcy Parish

“He had a pretty significant (calf) corkie pretty early on in the game.”

“We tried to spend some time forward where hopefully he didn’t have to quite run as much, but in the end it just got too much for him (subbed out).”

“We’ll just have to wait and see how that settles.”

Alec Waterman

“I thought Waterman came on and had a bit of an impact for us in that last quarter.”

Jake Stringer

“He had a poor game tonight.”

“We need more from him, hopefully he’ll be able to bounce out of that.”

‘His preparation has been fine.”

Andrew Phillips and Sam Draper

“I think we’ve been pretty pleased with how we’ve gone this year with two rucks.”

Zach Reid

“He’s going to be a really good player,”

“He’s got high capacity, he’s got great ability to learn and adjust and adapt his game.”

Andrew McGrath

“We expect him to be back available next week.”

Harrison Jones

“We just want  to keep encouraging him to play to his strengths,”

“He’s going to be an important player for us.”

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Michael Voss on:

Adam Cerra

“Hamstring tightness.”

“We’re certainly hoping it’s the minor end.”

Caleb Marchbank

“It’s a great story of persistence and resilience, he’s had a lot of challenges.”

Sam Durdin

“It’s a genuine option for us.”

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David Noble on:

Kayne Turner

“I thought Kayne Turner worked his backside off on (Josh) Kelly, did a pretty good job overall.”

Jaidyn Stephenson

“We tried to move him around get him up into the midfield for a period of time.”

“Our plan was to try to use Stevo as a hard leading forward,”

Hugh Greenwood

“I still see he’s an important part of that midfield going forward.”

Jack Ziebell

“He said it was a bit sore (eye/cheekbone).”

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Sam Mitchell on:

Sam Frost

“Spoke to him briefly after the game and he said he had a sore spot (Leg/Knee).”

Jack Gunston and Mitch Lewis

“I’d expect so (post-bye return).”

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Justin Longmuir on:

Blake Acres

“He doesn’t think it’s overly serious (Hamstring), he’s disappointed.”

Nat Fyfe

“We aimed for about 50/50 (mid/forward split),”

“We’ll keep exploring different ways we can improve that or get the percentage right, or help him have more impact on the game.”

Will Brodie

“I don’t Will’s role changed much.”

Griffin Logue

“I thought his second half was really strong.”

“I think he’s a pretty flexible player for us down forward.”

“I still think he can play an important role for us forward when Tabs (Matt Taberner) comes back.”

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Chris Fagan on:

Dayne Zorko

“Zorks has got a sore hamstring.”

Darcy Gardiner

“I think Darcy got a knock on those ribs again from last week.”

Joe Daniher

“He kicked some important goals for us.”

“He’ll make Eric (Hipwood) and D-Mac (Daniel McStay) more dangerous forwards as well the fact that he’s up there.”

Hugh McCluggage

“I think the game benefited him last week, he was a super strong performer for us tonight.”

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Brett Ratten on:

Dan McKenzie

“Concussion (Out for next game)”

Mitch Owens

“Concussion (Out for next game)”

Zak Jones


Jack Billings

“Billings played pretty well today (VFL).”

Hunter Clark

“Clark played solid (VFL).”

Ryan Byrnes

“He’s been playing pretty well (VFL).”

Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera

“Nasiah will be up for selection as well.”

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Mark McVeigh on:

Stephen Coniglio

“I think position changes helped him a little bit too,”

“Deep down he probably always felt he still had the ability to play in the midfield and we hadn’t seen that a lot (this year), he played forward at times.”

 “He’s just been pure midfielder now.”

“Part of my is to try and settle our team this year and see where it gets to,”

“I think for me I’d like to see our best players in their best positions.”

“I thoroughly believe Cogs (Stephen Coniglio) is a midfielder.”

Harry Himmelberg

“We knew he had to fix our ball movement a little bit, and he was a major part of that (moving to defence).”

Harry Perryman

“I know he’s getting checked for ribs and a bit of lung stuff (in hospital).”

“It looked nasty.”

“He’s well, he’s okay.”

Josh Kelly

“He cramped a little bit late, with about 5 minutes to go.”

Braydon Preuss

“He had a really interrupted 3 or 4 weeks, he was quite ill going into the break.”

“He took a long time to get over that.”

“He’ll be in consideration next week.”

Nick Haynes

“He was another that had limited game time coming off a break.”

Tim Taranto

“Is another one we expect to be available next week if everything goes well.”

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Simon Goodwin on:

Steven May

“He’s a pretty important player,”

“We need to get him back.”

“It’s not surprising when you don’t have cohesion teams can struggle, so we need to get that back.”

Dan Turner


Harry Petty

“Harrison cleared his (concussion test).”

Max Gawn

“He’s sore.”

“He’s got a pretty sore back and a sore ankle.”

Jake Lever

“I’ve got full faith in Jake that he’ll be back to his best soon (after an injury interrupted period).”

Clayton Oliver

“He had good impact in the game, I thought he was pretty instrumental at times especially early in the game.”

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Craig McRae on:

Mason Cox

“I must admit, I’m really proud of him.”

“I do believe Mason is a better ruck/forward than he is a forward ruck.”

Brodie Grundy

“Still 6 weeks away.”

Brody Mihocek

“He was 50/50 for most of the week, didn’t train at all.”

“He’s really sore.”

“It’s one thing to play injured, but the other thing is to actually play well injured. It’s a sign of his character.”

Nick Daicos

“To be honest we’ve sort of moved him back to look after him, have the experience around him.”

“The plan was probably to shift him a little bit more forward second half of the year, but it’s going to be hard to do that now.”

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