DFS Strat: Round 1 Tigers v Blues

Matthew Kreuzer (MB $10,000 DS $14,150)

Kreuzer averaged 105.0pts in 2017 scoring 100pts or more in 61.9% of games, he had a decent ceiling scoring 120pts or more in 28.6% of games. Against Richmond last season Kreuzer scored 120pts & 101pts, he appears likely to be the highest scoring Ruck in this game as he outscored Nankervis by 37pts & 40pts respectively in 2 games. Kreuzer is coming off an ankle injury 2 weeks ago, so those willing to pivot on to Nankervis could improve with other premium players but chasing 35-40pts would make it a significant decision. Kreuzer will likely be higher owned than Nankervis, if multi entering tourneys having 100% ownership should be a decent play.

Dustin Martin (MB $10,300, DS $15,450)

Martin averaged 111.7pts against bottom 6 teams last year, in his 2 games against the Blues he managed 139pts in R1 & 96pts in R14. Martin scored 100pts or more in 64.0% & 120pts or more in 36.0% of games last season, Richmond are 28.5pt favourites & Dusty averaged 116.3pts from winning games in 2017. The entire footy world watched Martin have an outstanding 2017 season, it’s not entirely out of the question that Carlton put some time in to him on Thursday night. Martin will likely be highly owned and having a just few teams without him could prove to be very profitable if he fails to reach salary expectation.

Matthew Kreuzer 1