Fantasy Wrap: Round 3

The 2018 fantasy season continues to provide mixed results for premium and rookie players, most coaches have been impacted with plenty of volatile scores and avoiding all the hazards would have taken a fair amount of luck through 3 weeks.

Trade decisions are even more precarious considering certain underperforming players, quite a bit of thought needs to be taken for upcoming trades.

Here are some notable thoughts from Round 3:

The scores have dried up quickly for Patrick Cripps (AF: 89, SC 92), his scores have declined in both weeks since his very good opening round. Back to back great games from Brodie Grundy (AF: 141, SC 154), Mason Cox played a more permanent role as a FWD target against Carlton allowing Grundy to do what he does best. Grundy recorded 60.9% of Collingwood Hit Outs in Round 1 & 88.9% in Round 3 with Mason Cox playing.

Stefan Martin (AF: 177, SC 154) was in a smash position with no Paddy Ryder for Port Adelaide and he didn’t disappoint, Dayne Beams has been a nightmare for some coaches as he was a late withdrawal in Round 3 after 2 poor games to start the season. Robbie Gray (AF: 89, SC 103) was solid again in Round 3, those coaches that traded him in last week should have a contingency plan in place for his early Bye.

Stefan Martin 2.jpg

Jesse Hogan (AF: 104, SC 125) continued on from his brilliant score last week to deliver another solid game, he has averaged 24 Disposals, 8 Marks & 3 Goals from his last 2 games. Todd Goldstein (AF: 60, SC 57) regressed in Round 3 after being assessed for a leg injury, it is worthwhile tracking any news on him this week.

Jarryd Lyons (AF: 151, SC 138) pumped out another massive score in Round 3, he has averaged 33.0 Disposals & 8.0 Tackles from his last 2 games and is a very unique selection. Nat Fyfe (AF: 144, SC 160) rewarded faithful owners again in Round 3 with a monster score against Gold Coast, his scores at Optus Stadium are tracking along quite nicely.

With Sam Naismith out for the year those coaches that jumped on Callum Sinclair (AF: 123, SC 152) have been happy with his output so far, he is a decent unique solo Ruck option. Stephen Coniglio (AF: 111, SC 124) continued his good start to the season with another solid game, it would have been a frustrating week for Lachie Whitfield (AF: 65, SC 64) owners.

Bryce Gibbs (AF: 129, SC 120) punched out another solid performance against St Kilda on Saturday night, the scramble will be on to find the cash to trade him in at some stage. Owning Jack Billings (AF: 58, SC 54) this year might be extremely frustrating if St Kilda can’t turn their form around, a decent start to his AFL career for Nick Coffield (AF: 73, SC 66) who will be a trade target for many coaches this week.

Tom Mitchell (AF: 148, SC 149) is now in a class of his own after another great performance this time against the Tigers, even better for fantasy coaches is that the Hawks lost which hopefully means zero hard tags by opposition teams. Jack Higgins (AF: 51, SC 63) was a little shaky early in his debut, he should be better for the run and we should start to see a better stat line next week.

Tom Mitchell 2.jpg

Lachie Hunter (AF: 148, SC 142) & Jack Macrae (AF: 116, SC 131) are generating huge scores this year, they are clearly on the radar for many coaches looking around at unique options. Count your blessings if you didn’t start Zach Merrett (AF: 60, SC 53) this year, the nightmare continued in Round 3.

The role for Elliot Yeo (AF: 46, SC 27) can change from week to week and in game, these volatile scores will likely continue. After not going near the ball in the opening 2 games Sam Menegola (AF: 120, SC 128) finally stepped up, Gary Ablett (AF: 71, SC 92) limped from the ground against West Coast after straining his hamstring and is expected to miss 3-4 weeks.

Do you think Macrae is an option? Seems like they have a decent run in the next 4-5 weeks with most of those at Etihad. But is he a top 10 mid? @GeeNiko
Macrae is an option & is a potential Top 10 MID, with so many decent options falling being on a decent unique could pay off long term.

Which permos can you trust?? I have Mitchell, Cogs, Kelly but also have Treloar and Merrett. Looking at trading Merrett but to who? Is Gibbs the only one? @GeeNiko
Gibbs looks really good at the moment, the dynamic will change when the Crouch brothers return, but still his output should be strong.

What should I do with McGrath? @FreaksNGeeks23
It will likely be a grind owning McGrath, whilst his talent is good for real footy his points ceiling is not enough to warrant ownership.

Who killed Yeo? @ESMoriarti
Adam Simpson, different roles will provide a roller coaster ride again for Yeo owners.

Good Luck for Round 4