Fantasy Wrap: Round 4

Brave coaches in AFL Fantasy would likely have had more chances of success in Round 4 compared to those who walked the safe path, coaches that held on to Zach Merrett were rewarded with 121pts & coaches that held on to Adam Treloar were rewarded with 135pts.

What seemed a safe trade in and Captain pick by many turned out to be a frustrating Sunday for Tom Mitchell owners, all the talk that surrounded Mitchell for the week by Melbourne turned out to be true with Nathan Jones restricting Mitchell to just 24 Disposals (AF: 83, SC: 90).

Rookies have again proven to be infuriating for many coaches so far this season in both SuperCoach & AFL Fantasy, unfortunately there were so many to choose from early in the year and as they dry up in the next few weeks deciding who to keep and who to trade out could be very pivotal for those chasing overall ranking.

Tom Mitchell 2
Round 4 Notable Performances (Good & Bad):

Brodie Grundy (AF: 126, SC: 141) could actually be free from the Mason Cox impact, over the last 2 weeks Cox has spent more time as the Key forward and at the same time Grundy has thrived in the Ruck. Rory Sloane (AF: 46, SC: 59) won’t see a tag disappear anytime soon, Rory Laird (AF: 115, SC: 129) continues to put up big numbers even in an Adelaide loss.

When given an opportunity in the midfield Tim Taranto (AF: 120, SC: 116) has put decent scores, a Josh Kelly return could see him regress somewhat but at some stage Leon Cameron has to recognise his talent in the middle and play him there more often. Andrew Brayshaw (AF: 46, SC: 42) hasn’t been the Rookie we all hoped for, he will likely be a trade out target for those who still own him this week.

Dustin Martin (AF: 111, SC: 141) spent 60% of his time forward against the Lions, it may not be enough of a sample to warrant FWD DPP as he was 26% FWD prior to Round 4 (Time % Courtesy of Fantasy Freako). The indifferent start to the season from Dayne Beams (AF: 88, SC: 83) continued in Round 4, Cam Rayner (AF: 85, SC: 97) had his best game for the Lions against Richmond.

Tim English (AF: 90, SC: 78) is providing a cash boost for many fantasy coaches, those that have moved him on-filed are being rewarded in the short term but a Jordan Roughead return may hamper his output. After nearly being blanked in the opening Qtr against the Bulldogs Lance Franklin (AF: 100, SC: 98) bounced back with a respectable score in Round 4, another good week from Callum Sinclair (AF: 98, SC: 109) as solo Ruck.

The concerns over Todd Goldstein (AF: 65, SC: 76) are very real, one has to wonder how many weeks will Brad Scott put up with his poor output. The numbers for Kade Simpson (AF: 66, SC: 79) have dropped significantly, his scores have regressed each week since Round 1.

Shannon Hurn (AF: 98, SC: 91) is a real sleeper this year, his baseline points appear to be good enough to signify him as a trade target at some stage. David Swallow (AF: 109, SC: 129) is getting the job done on the road for Gold Coast, he has scored 100pts or more in 3 of 4 games in both AFL Fantasy & SuperCoach.

Zach Merrett (AF: 121, SC: 117) finally cracked a decent score in Round 4, it would have been a lot bigger if not for a quiet last Qtr. Robbie Gray (AF: 117, SC: 145) despite an early Bye should be a trade in target for many this week, he is likely to receive DPP next week and his numbers have been quality from 3 games.

Zach Merrett 2
Jaeger O’Meara (AF: 126, SC: 145) has really stepped up his game in the last 2 weeks, we finally might be seeing what he is capable of from a fantasy perspective. Max Gawn (AF: 127, SC: 112) was supreme again in Round 4, he accumulated 66 Hit Outs against the Hawks and is averaging 52.7 Hit Outs this year.

Brandan Parfitt (AF: 138, SC: 168) was the highlight for Geelong in Round 4 delivering a monster score, Sam Menegola (AF: 118, SC: 129) has bounced back nicely in the last 2 weeks. Luke Dunstan (AF: 129, SC: 120) is as solid as they come at the Saints, he has started the 2018 season scoring back to back 100pt games in both AFL Fantasy & SuperCoach.

Twitter Q&A 

Is it time to trade out a rookie or 2….Holman & Fritsch? @GeeNiko

Time for Fritsch to go, Holman is worth a wait for 1 more week

I want English on my field in the forward line. Too much of a risk not having a emg in the rucks? @GeeNiko

Jordan Roughead is likely to return soon, the impact on English may be enough to suggest leaving him as an Emergency in the Ruck position is the right option

what option: @GavinPilkington
1)brayshaw to guelfi, whitfield to mitchell
2) lloyd to seedsman, whitfield to gibbs

Option 1 is preferred at this stage

Petracca’s fantasy game doesn’t look great, he’s scoring 70s in games he has 20+ possessions. Would you offload him to Zerrett instead of Billings? @jaxonconnor11

To Merrett yes, Petracca has a limited ceiling so far in his career. Melbourne also need to settle down their forward line which could result in more forward time for Tracc


Good Luck for Round 5