AFL Fantasy Analysis: Brayden Fiorini


Over his first 26 games Brayden Fiorini has averaged 89.2pts, it didn’t seem that long ago he scored a whopping 166pts in just his 2nd career game (R23, 2016 vs Port Adelaide).

Fiorini has somewhat been restricted by injury & opportunity in the last 24 months at Gold Coast but that will likely change in 2019.

Last season Fiorini scored 100pts or more in 36.4% of games but did not record a game more than 120pts.

Fantasy Impact: 2019 Rule Changes

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The off-season at Gold Coast has been troubling for those taking a short term view on their current on-field performance, however the opportunity that this now provides for Fiorini and others should not be ignored by fantasy coaches during the pre-season.

Fiorini averaged 21.9 Disposals in 2018 (91.6pts), in his last 3 games he averaged an eye opening 28.0 Disposals (104.0pts). Fiorini is a must add to any watch list this pre-season, he is in a potential breakout situation at the Suns.

Gold Coast were ranked 18th averaging 339.8 Disposals in the 2018 H&A season (-47.7 Disposals compared to 2017), it is likely there will be some sort of rebound from those numbers next season.

2019 AFL Fantasy: Fixture Analysis

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