Richmond Update: Josh Gibcus

Josh Gibcus could be closing in on a Round 1 debut. 

He performed well playing in the stronger defensive unit in today’s intra club match.

Richmond selected Gibcus at pick 9 in the 2021 AFL Draft out of the Greater Western Victoria Rebels. 

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CEO Brendon Gale was asked earlier this week on SportsdayWA which first year players could make a debut in Round 1.

“We’ve got a kid our first pick Josh Gibcus who’s 197-198 (cm) athletic intercept defender who could be in the frame.” 

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“Young Tyler Sonsie who was highly rated but slid a bit (in the draft) to the 30’s, he’s making an impression.” Gale said. 

On Monday assistant coach Xavier Clarke provided further insight on RSN into a possible early season debut for Gibcus, also confirming that he played in the stronger defence during the intra club match on Saturday. 

“We had ultimately the best forwards who we thought would make our Round 1 against the best backs which I thought was probably the more dominant match-up for the day.”

“(Josh) Gibcus has probably been the most noted one throughout pre-season but held his own.”

“He’s got elite speed for a big guy, he’s got great endurance as well.”

“Once he starts to really understand our defensive system and that, I think he’s really going to slot in well.”

“If he continues going on the trend he does, we might see him early in the year.” he said. 

Clarke also provided an update on the 2022 game plan saying “to be completely honest there won’t be a hell of a lot of change in terms of what we do this year.”

“We still believe that our game plan and game style and the way we go about it still stacks up quite well.”

“Really it’s just getting back to what we do really well, there might be some slight changes within that, we’re happy with what we can do when we get back to our best.” Clarke added.

Source: RSN SportsdayWA
Image: Richmond