Injury Update: Patrick Cripps

Patrick Cripps is likely to miss a short period of time.  

He injured his left hamstring at a centre bounce stoppage in the first quarter against Gold Coast on Sunday.

He was subbed out of the game shortly after quarter time after being assessed in the change rooms. 

The injury is not considered significant, he will likely not be available for Round 5. 

Carlton Head of Football Brad Lloyd provided an update on Wednesday via SENSA. 

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“His hamstring is not too bad at all, it’s pretty minor.”

“He just over stretched.”

“He had a scan, it was pretty positive.”

“There’s not much damage there at all, he’s likely to miss a week.”

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“He hasn’t been ruled out at this stage for this this week, but he’s likely to miss the week and be back for the following week.”

“It’s a good result.” Lloyd said.

Jacob Weitering also provided an update on Tuesday.

“It’s going to be tough without him for a couple of weeks, whatever it might be, but the boys will get a job done.” Jacob Weitering on Tuesday.

UPDATE: Friday 15th April

Senior coach Michael Voss provided an update at his weekly presser. 

“Obviously the assessment that we’ve had which has been pretty thorough is that he should be right to go next week.”

“Early on we were hopeful that it was going to be so minor that we might be able to get him up for this week,”

“He over stretched for a ball and sort of got a little bit tight in that area.”

“But certainly no major damage was there, so that gives him a chance for next week at least.”

“I think over the weekend we’ll have a bit more of an idea about where he’s at.”

Source: Carlton
Image: Carlton