2022 Coach Quotes: Round 8

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Ken Hinkley on:

Charlie Dixon

“He’s coming back from a long time off.”

“We’ll make sure he gets through the game as well as he possibly can and then make some decisions.”

Todd Marshall

“He dominated the game for a patch, which was really important and at a really important moment.”

Connor Rozee

“Connor was always part of the plan to be a part of our midfield.”

Riley Bonner

“Rolled ankle, pretty bad.”

Kane Farrell

“We’re pretty comfortable that he’ll be okay to train next Thursday I’d imagine (concussion protocol).”

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Luke Beveridge on:

Cody Weightman

“Cody has broken his collarbone.”

Laitham Vandermeer

“Laitham seems like he’s got a high grade hamstring injury.”

Tim O’Brien

“Tim O’Brien appears to hurt a calf”

Marcus Bontempelli

“We think he’ll be okay (to return next game).”

Tim English and Alex Keath

“Maybe Tim English and Alex Keath might be available as well (to return next game).”

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Justin Longmuir on:

Jye Amiss

“He gave us everything we wanted.”

“I’m just so proud of his attitude since he got to the club.”

Sam Switkowski

“He’s actually feeling really good which is a good sign (concussion).”

Alex Pearce

“He’s fine, sometimes his ankle gives way on him.”

Luke Ryan

“He just rolled his ankle, pretty standard ankle.”

“He got through the game well, 9 day break so we expect him to come up (next game).”

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David Noble on:

Todd Goldstein

“I though Todd’s been pretty solid in the ruck the last couple of weeks.”

Ben McKay

“Seems like it’s a medial (ligament) of some description.”

Jed Anderson

“He looked petty gassed towards the end, he’s done a terrific job to get back into contention.”

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Craig McRae on:

Jack Ginnivan

“First and second year players, you get a bit more attention when you start to play well.”

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Damien Hardwick on:

Dustin Martin

“It was great to see him back.”

“It was probably to get him one rotation a quarter but a longer break.”

“Positionally wise it was mainly forward.”

“He got through, he’ll get better again next week.”

Tom Lynch

“He’s put in a lot of work over summer, I think he’s had his best pre-season from that point of view.”

“He’s having a great year.”

Nick Vlastuin and Dion Prestia

“To be fair both missed with illness.”

“They’ll be automatic (selections) next week.”

Noah Balta

“We’ll settle him as much as we can down back.”

 Robbie Tarrant

“It’s a challenge I reckon when you come in to a new club and you play a system orientated defence.”

“It takes time.”

“He’s a very very good player that’s playing a little bit hampered at the minute (hip), but he’ll be better as the season goes on.”

Jayden Short

“Wherever we put him, he’s just a footy guy.”

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John Longmire on:

Paddy MCartin

“He’s developing well, it’s his first season as a defender.”

Lance Franklin

“He was able to come back on and finish (finger).”

Peter Ladhams and Luke Parker

“I think Pete and Parksy rolled their ankles but I think they’re okay.”

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Stuart Dew on:

Malcolm Rosas

“Quiet first half, then just did some crucial chases.”

Darcy Macpherson

“To be able to come on (as sub) into a frenetic game and impact was really important.”

Connor Budarick

“His last couple of weeks have been a little bit rusty, he’s done some uncharacteristic things.”

“He has missed the whole year with a knee injury.”

“We feel like he’s back now, he’s set the standard.”

Sam Collins

“He’s putting together an All Australian year.”

Izak Rankine

“His work rate was outstanding today.”

Rory Thompson

“He just reminded everyone that he’s strong, he’s hard to move down there.”

Jack Lukosius

“He’ll just be an assess (knee), fingers crossed it’s a tweak and we can let it settle.”

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GWS Giants

Leon Cameron on:

Isaac Cumming

“He’s progressing in the manner that we want him to.”

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Chris Scott on:

Joel Selwood

“It was unexpected (not to play), we were thinking that he would come up.”

Jeremy Cameron

“He did get a knock and was okay to keep playing on (Knee).”

Tyson Stengle

“We think he’s really important for us and we bought him in (to the club) for a specific reason.”

Mitch Knevitt and Cooper Stephens

“We love how composed they were.”

“To come in and play against those guys and look so composed I think was a real positive for them as individuals Cooper and Mitch in particular but even more so for the (Geelong) system.”

Rhys Stanley

“Rhys had an ankle issue that we thought would come up (late withdrawal), he certainly wasn’t ruled out so we wanted to leave that as late as possible but just didn’t quite come up.”

“So optimistic that he’ll play next week.”

Jed Bews

“There’s no indication that this will linger (concussion).”

Mark Blicavs

“I thought his follow up and ground level stuff, he was the best player on the ground for mine.”

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Sam Mitchell on:

Jai Newcombe

“We’ve been really pleased with how he’s played for the majority of the season,”

“He’s been quite a consistent performer.”

Jaeger O’Meara

“I think Jaeger stood up tonight, I thought he was really strong in a couple of different roles for us.”

Mitch Lewis

“He’s likely (next game).”

Chad Wingard

“Chad was too sick to play (this week), we expect him to be fine (next game).”

Changkuoth Jiath

“I think he’s more unlikely,

“Not ruled out at this point.”

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Ben Rutten on:

Ben Hobbs

“I think he played 20 minutes straight on-ball maybe in that last quarter.”

“He’s going to continue to grow into that midfield role and we’re trying to give him as much exposure as we can there, making sure that we’re setting him to succeed when he goes through there.”

Peter Wright

“To get the reward it’s not surprising.”

“He’s doing the work and he’s a really important player and member of our squad.”

Devon Smith

“He’s got a bit of a degenerative knee, we thought there was an opportunity to spend a couple of weeks to really get some good work into that, into the muscles in and around that, get some good conditioning into him, to make sure he can perform at his absolute best for the rest of the season.”

“He had a big session planned for today (before being called up late to play).”

Dylan Shiel

“Knocked a knee (and) ankle”

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Chris Fagan on:

Hugh McCluggage

“We tried to move him inside (midfield) last year.”

“That’s always been part of his growth and he’s embraced that, he’s wanted to play in the midfield.”

“So he’s just spent a lot of time over the summer learning the craft of being able to play inside.”

“He can play inside and outside (midfield).”

“It’s been great that he’s been able to develop that side of his game.”

“Some days you might need to tag, so that might be the day that Hughy plays out on the wing because you’ve got to create a position inside for someone to do that.”

“That’s probably an example of when that might happen (returning to a wing role).”

“Probably unlikely, we like him where he is at the minute.”

Dan McStay

“I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’s not too bad, didn’t look great (Ankle).”

Eric Hipwood

“He’s playing next week, that was always the plan, so he’s available (VFL scratch match or AFL).”

Jack Payne

“I thought he showed a bit of promise,”

“He’ll be better for that experience.”

Cam Rayner

“He’ll definitely have a bit more forward line time for the time being just to help us out (with injuries).”

“We might just have to put it (midfield) on hold for a little while but I wouldn’t imagine that would be the case for the whole season.”

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Matthew Knight on:

Jake Florenca

“I was proud of his efforts Jake.”

Jack Redden

“We give Redden the job on Neale and I thought he endeavoured to do it to the best of his ability for the team.”

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Simon Goodwin on

Ed Langdon

“He was down on possession last week, but he certainly wasn’t down in role execution.”

Angus Brayshaw

“Brayshaw’s evolution in the half-back line has been something that’s been a real necessity for us.”

“With (Christian) Salem being out for such a long period of time Brayshaw has really stepped up and become that player for us in the back half of the ground.”

Luke Jackson

“Jacko did a lot more ruck today, we just get guys to fit in where they’re needed.”

Jayden Hunt

“We’ve set him in the pre-season to be able to adapt to these roles and do them, and he’s embraced that.”

“He’s taken out some real high quality small forwards and dangerous forwards, today was another example, he did it again for us.”

Max Gawn

“Gawny was just a little bit sore, so gave the opportunity for Jacko (Luke Jackson) to take up some more ruck time.”

“He just had a couple of knocks, he should hopefully be right once he gets through the first 48 hours.”

Jake Lever

“He just got a corkie, he’ll be fine.”

“He actually did a really good job to get through the game.”

“He’s a bit sore.”

Jake Bowey

“He’s just incredibly clean, he brings an energy to our group.”

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Brett Ratten on:

Zak Jones

“I though Zak looked a little rusty early in the game, I thought he built towards the end of the game when we flipped him around trying to get some personnel  and match-ups that we were chasing a little bit.”

“He’ll be better for that run.”

Dan Butler

“Dan’s had an Achilles that we’ve been managing, he was pretty sore during the week and he has been for a couple of weeks.”

”It’s going to challenge him I think (to be available next game).”

Hunter Clark

“Hunter looked a little scratchy (VFL).”

Jack Billings

“I thought Billings was pretty solid (VFL).”

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Scott Burns on:

Rory Laird

“He was crook (ill) all week, he (was) courageous just to get up and play today.”

Matt Crouch

“We want him to go back there (SANFL) and play good footy and hopefully get back up into the senior side at some stage.”

Lachlan Murphy

“He’s pretty sore (Neck).”

Jackson Hately

“It was a great opportunity for Jacko to get in there (tagging Patrick Cripps).”

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Michael Voss:

Patrick Cripps

“He’s been super consistent, he’s driving the standards exceptionally hard.”

Jack Martin

“Calf at the moment, so we’ll assess that and how bad it is, we’re hoping it’s not too bad.”

Tom DeKoning

“Tom DeKoning was brilliant, the opposition he was against is pretty impressive.”

“Tom well and truly did a great job there tonight.”

“He’s thriving with the opportunity.”

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