Fri. Aug 12th, 2022
Adelaide Update: Reilly O'Brien

AFL Fantasy News: Reilly O’Brien could see reduced time at the ruck position to finish the season. 

The development of Riley Thilthorpe is well and truly clear on the agenda for Adelaide. 

O’Brien has been the No.1 ruck option at the Crows for most of the year, he’ll be set for stints forward as Thilthorpe progresses through a critical stage of his development. 

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Assistant coach Nathan van Berlo provided an update this week on Riley Thilthorpe which is a specific plan to get him more involved further up the ground. 

“He spent a lot more time in the ruck (against Hawthorn) than what he had previously which was planned,”

“And that’s to get him up and around the footy.” van Berlo said.

This impacted the role for O’Brien last weekend and is also set to impact his time spent as a pure ruck for the remainder of the season. 

“That meant that Reilly O’Brien spent some time forward as well which is going to add another string to his bow if he can develop that side of his craft as well.” van Berlo added.

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O’Brien was used at 80.0% of centre bounce ruck contests in Round 17 (Season Ave: 87.4%).

Thilthorpe was used at a season high 20.0% of ruck centre bounce contests. 

Finding the right balance for Thilthorpe and O’Brien was a key element according to van Berlo.

“We’ll keep looking to try and find that right balance with big Filthy (Riley Thilthorpe) at the back end of the year.”

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“We’d like to see an increased time on-ball from him,”

“We’ve seen the impact that Reilly O’Brien can have aerially as well, so we see that as a potential threat not only around the ground but potentially forward.”

“We’re going to try in the coming weeks hopefully see if we can challenge teams with that mix.” he said. 

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