Contract Update: Travis Colyer

AFL Trade News: Travis Colyer has signed a contract extension with Fremantle.

He is now contracted until the end of 2023 after signing a new one-year deal. 

Colyer was selected at pick 26 in the 2009 AFL Draft by the Bombers, he moved to Fremantle at the end of the 2018 season. 

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Fremantle Head of Player Personnel David Walls provided an update on Friday.

“He seems to be getting better with age and has been in career-best form the last two years,” Walls said.

“He has got his body right and his speed is as good as ever, he hasn’t lost any of that, and I think he is playing a really clearly defined role under Justin and the coaching group.” Walls said.

Source: Fremantle
Image: Fremantle