AFL Fantasy Update: Max Gawn/Brodie Grundy

AFL Fantasy News: Max Gawn has provided an update on the ruck situation at Melbourne.

Once combative opponents Max Gawn and Brodie Grundy have joined forces to create a super ruck combination. 

While there is no set plan as yet Gawn gave away some hints on what to expect in 2023.

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He said there is a possibility both could share the ruck position with the other spends time forward or even the possibility of one spending time behind the ball in defence.

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Gawn added there might even be the possibility of both playing ruck at the same time or one playing as as a mid. 

The newly formed combination does open up all sorts of possibilities for senior coach Simon Goodwin in 2023 which could lead to difficult opponent game planning and even confusion during each game of how Melbourne are setting up with Gawn and Grundy. 

Source: Mitch Cleary
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Fantasy Impact: The Gawn/Grundy combo at Melbourne is a must watch over pre-season or even early in 2023 for season long fantasy, both have previously been highly ranked but now uncertainty exists with no clear Melbourne No.1 ruck. 

It is still possible both average quite well but that could come with increased volatility throughout the year, based on the expected salary for each it could be worth waiting beyond the start of the season prior to any type of trade target situation. 

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Week to week opponents may provide opportunities in DFS to roster Gawn or Grundy, any type of situation that provides a secondary ruck opponent due to injury or other should be worth a consideration to roster either.

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It is likely Gawn and Grundy will see an ADP slide in single season draft leagues, however both could still be ranked highly at their position by the end of the season. 

This scenario is definitely worth a watch over pre-season for any type of 60/40 ruck split or better for either rather than a split 50/50 split, it is possible there won’t be an answer at Round 1.

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