Fantasy: 2021 Richmond Targets

Fantasy: 2021 Richmond Targets

With the 2021 H&A season beginning on March 18 @aflratingsPete provides a fantasy outlook for Richmond.

Each team will be previewed over the pre-season, stay tuned on @aflratings_FS for all fantasy news & updates for the 2021 season.

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Coaching Tendencies/Game Style

Richmond were able to secure a 3rd Premiership under senior coach Damien Hardwick in 2020, Dustin Martin won a record 3rd Norm Smith Medal.

The Tigers have a 73.5% winning record between 2017-20 in the H&A season, interestingly the one time they finished on top of the AFL ladder over that period they failed to make the Grand Final. 

Hardwick will likely stick to the same structure that has been so successful for the last 4 years, the Tigers are unlikely to be a high disposal team again moving the ball efficiently inside forward 50. 

Richmond were ranked 2nd in the AFL averaging 6.4 Disposals per Inside 50 in the 2020 H&A season, from a fantasy perspective the efficient ball movement likely will result in suppressed averages throughout the season. 

The ruck situation at Richmond will be interesting this season with Ivan Soldo set to miss the majority of the H&A season recovering from an ACL injury, the load on Toby Nankervis should be high with likely support from a variety of options that Hardwick will implement. 

It should be pretty much business as usual for the Tigers, expect a sprinkling of youth to appear in the side over the course of the season with a view to the next generation.

As has been the case under Hardwick, he doesn’t gift games, rather he ensures players enter the team when the game plan is understood & can be implemented seamlessly. 

Article by @aflratingsPete 

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2021 Targets

Toby Nankervis RUCK

With Soldo sidelined for most of the 2021 H&A season the workload for Nankervis should be high in the early part of the year, a critical part of assessing Nankervis for a potential start at Round 1 is his recent injury history & whether the heavier workload creates problems on availability.

Nankervis has played in 50.0% of games in the last 2 years. 

The potential upside is certainly available for Nankervis, starting with him at Round 1 does provide much needed salary relief in order to focus on other areas of your line-up. 

Between 2017-18 Nankervis played in 95.9% of games, he averaged 87.7pts over the same period. 

There is risk here & Richmond are unlikely to burn out Nankervis in the H&A season, the reward is also available. 

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Jack Ross MID

At the age of 20 Ross is mature enough to step in and assist the Richmond midfield on a regular basis, he has played in 14 games over the last 2 years. 

Ross averaged 75.3pts from his opening 4 games of his career back in 2019, his role in the midfield will likely include a decent rate at centre bounces. 

The Round 1 salary for Ross provides another option for players in that same price bracket, his job security needs to be very solid and comparable to those players at that same price. 

If Hardwick can put trust in Ross from Round 1 at a decent rate of centre bounces throughout the season then the potential fantasy upside is high enough to warrant consideration. 

Keep an eye on all information on Ross throughout the pre-season, a potential unique option could be available if everything aligns perfectly. 

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Dustin Martin MID/FWD

While Dustin Martin is unlikely to hit the scoring average from 2017 again when he averaged 111.4pts from 25 games his seasonal fantasy average has been ultra consistent for his entire career, add the flexibility of MID/FWD DPP status & he is right up there as an option to begin the season with. 

The switch of Martin to more of a midfield/forward role in 2018 does decrease his fantasy average, the goal is to create a mismatch when moving forward but that reduced his overall fantasy output. 

In favourable match-ups Martin still has a very good ceiling.

It is likely the majority of AFL Fantasy classic overall contenders will opt against starting Martin, his Round 1 salary isn’t outrageous.

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One Big Question

What will Bachar Houli average in 2021?

Fantasy: 2021 Richmond Targets
Bachar Houli is priced at 100.0pts to begin the 2021 H&A season. Image: Richmond


Photo credit: Richmond

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