Mon. May 23rd, 2022
2022 Fantasy: New Collingwood Coach Craig McRae

Expect significant change in the Collingwood game style in 2022, the Magpies new senior coach Craig McRae has clearly put change on the table early in his coaching tenure.

“I want to evolve a game plan that suits our needs & what we’ve got,”

“We’re going to need to be flexible, the game continues to change,” Magpies senior coach Craig McRae via @WhateleySEN on Thursday. 


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Under former coach Nathan Buckley Collingwood were a high disposal team often ranked highly in the AFL, in the 2021 H&A season the Magpies were ranked 4th averaging 379.0 Disposals per game. 

“The biggest thing we experienced at Hawthorn in the middle part of the year, we were the highest possession team at Hawthorn & the least amount of inside 50’s, well that didn’t make sense to me & Collingwood is on a similar path.”

“We’re going to look to endeavour to change that.” McRae added. 

In 2021 the Magpies averaged 8.2 Disposals per Inside 50 (highest in the AFL), Brisbane averaged 6.3 Disposals per Inside 50 (lowest) while the AFL average for the 2021 H&A season was 7.3. 

Under new coach Craig McRae, expect the Collingwood ball movement to be more efficient. 


FANTASY IMPACT: For a long time now Collingwood players have been an excellent source of fantasy goodness, there will need to be an adjustment & an expectation that the previous output is going to be impacted over an extended period. Initially it is likely the slow ball movement across half-back will evaporate & over time under Craig McRae the Magpies will deliver the ball inside 50 at a faster more efficient rate, premium scoring fantasy players that previously benefited from slow ball movement may be negatively impacted. 

Pre-season games & training reports this summer will provide important information for fantasy relevant players at Collingwood, expectations may need to be tempered based on the previous fantasy output at Collingwood. 


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