Port Adelaide Update: Zak Butters

Zak Butters is progressing well this pre-season with a view to an adjustment in playing role.

He confirmed this week that he has completed a “full pre-season”, he’s also provided details on his role and the battle for spots in the Port Adelaide midfield. 

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“I think I’ve got a lot of confidence back in my body now with the pre-season , even just getting through the internals (games).”

“Really looking to build on that in the couple of weeks and I pretty much feel 100% now and I’m ready to go,”

“Had a good pre-season in the midfield, so I’m just looking forward to implementing that in the next couple of weeks.” Butters said.

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He also said competition for spots in the midfield would be strong.

“I think there’s a wide range that can though there with me, Connor (Rozee), us boys coming in even Dan Houston and Josh Sinn played some good footy on the weekend as well.”

“So think there’s definitely competition for spots in there.”

Butters also provided insight into his midfield split when asked. 

“I think I’ll still spend some time at half-forward, I think it will be something I build into hopefully in the future to become a full time midfielder.” he added.

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“At the moment I think I’ll still be maybe like 60/40 or 70/30 or whatever that is with the coaches.”

“There’ll be stages that obviously we want different blokes in there and fresh legs giving us a different mix, so there’ll be stages I still play half-forward and that’s something I’m still developing as well.”  

“Hopefully building into the future that I can get more and more mid time.” he said. 

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Image: Port Adelaide