Geelong Update: 2022 Game Style

There is further clarity on the 2022 game style for Geelong. 

With a host of new assistant coaches and behind the scenes staff in the football department the Cats will implement a change in style for this season. 

Previously slow ball movement has been highlighted but an emphasis on getting the ball quicker to key forwards will be a priority according to GM of Football Simon Lloyd who discussed at length the change on KRock this weekend prior to the Richmond practice match.   

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“Probably the bigger thing as well, we’ve been working on some specific aspects of our game style.”

“Coming up against an opposition everything works until you come up against an opposition.”

“So we’ll see how some of the things we’ve been working on how they work,”

“They will work at times and they won’t work at other times, so it’s an ongoing process.”

“It’s not rocket science.”

“We were trying to move the ball quicker at different points of time and get it into our big keys (forwards) who are highly talented.”

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“So for that there’s obviously different methods of doing that and I think the Geelong faithful, it’s almost in our DNA,”

“We want to play an exciting brand of football and that’s what people come to watch and that’s something that we’ll make sure that we don’t want to get away from our we’ve been a very good defensive team for a period of time that’s sets us up, but when we want to attack we want to go all out.” Lloyd said

Lloyd noted several players when asked where the club would find improvement in the future but highlighted Sam DeKoning as the one that has developed in the Geelong system. 

“Now with Lachie (Henderson) no longer at the club that gives Sam DeKoning an opportunity down the track.”

“It will be a process over the next 1-3 years, you look at somebody like that coming in and you can see him playing for the next 10-15 years at the club, his body is going to get stronger and he’s going to have his good days and his bad days.”

“He’s spent an entire 2 years and this whole pre-season playing on Tom Hawkins and Esava Ratugolea and Jeremy Cameron.”

“It’s really doing a long apprenticeship.”

Source: KRock
Image: Geelong