Brisbane Update: Keidean Coleman

Keidean Coleman continues to progress well over pre-season. 

The 21 year old is entering his third AFL season in 2022 having played 21 games for Brisbane.

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Lincoln McCarthy discussed the pre-season and expectations for Coleman on RSN this week. 

“He’s still pretty raw but he’s got some really good traits of a half-backer at the moment.”

“He’s got some really good run and carry, he’s really strong, probably something you don’t realise looking at his frame.”

“He’s a brilliant tackler for us and he just takes the game on and uses his skills, and he rarely gets beaten in one on one as well.”

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“He’s added to his fitness base over the pre-season, I think we’ll be able to see more of him definitely, and more of his good qualities being that he’s a bit fitter.”

McCarthy also provided the latest update on any potential changes to Brisbane this year. 

“We might have some different looks this season.”

“We might play with a smaller forward line at times, we might play with a taller forward line at times.” 

“But the other two lines, the mids & defence is going to stay pretty consistent”

Update March 3:

Brisbane defender Harris Andrews provided further insight on Coleman this week. 

“It was awesome to see late last year the emergence of Kiddy coming into our backline, perfect example of a guy just coming in playing his role.”

“I feel like as a backline we do a great job of just being able to simplify the role that needs to be played, Kiddy has obviously spent all summer training with us in the backline, we’ve been able to really build on that connection.”

“I guess me personally I’m just really excited about what he can do with his game and the work that he’s put in over the summer now that he’s had that sort of that time to improve, I’m really excited about what he can do in these games coming up.”

“I’ts great to have him there, he’s obviously really crafty with the ball in hand, we’d love to have it in his hand 20-25 times a game, but the underrated thing is probably his toughness and just his ability to win one on one contests.”

“It’s super inspiring to play with and really pumped for him.” Andrews said.

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Fantasy Impact: Keidean Coleman averaged 43.6pts from 16 games last season, he recorded a season high 74pts against Melbourne in the qualifying final.

He’s set for a role across half-back this season, senior coach Chris Fagan outlined his plan and role for Coleman during the 2021 season. 

His scoring output is likely to spike in 2022 with what should be multiple opportunities to showcase his speed and athleticism as well as competitiveness around the ball.

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Coleman is a consideration for season long fantasy at Round 1, the scoring could remain volatile at times but an increase on his starting salary is likely.

He’s a late round speculative pick in single season draft leagues. 

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