Port Adelaide Update: Midfield

The is further clarity on the Port Adelaide midfield rotations for the 2022 AFL season.

Midfield coach Brett Montgomery provided insight this week on SENSA for which players that may take on the responsibility to enter the middle of the ground this year. 

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“The one thing I can say is that we’ve got a good midfield, but we’re going out of our way to add to it and when I say add to it, they’re not names you probably wouldn’t know but they certainly will be more minutes for those people that sit around the edges of that midfield.”

“So they’re not wholesale changes, there’s a responsibility of those guys that do get opportunity in there whether it’s Connor Rozee or Zak Butters or one that maybe sort elevating quickly in Jackson Mead is to have the responsibility to play the right way.”

“They don’t just get a free pass to go in there.”

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“So whilst we’re trying to grow it, we’re also trying to make sure that there’s a real understanding and responsibility of what it takes.” Montgomery said. 

He further explained the expectations of players that roll through centre bounces. 

“What thing where we’ve landed on that change is that the centre bounce is a 5 second play, it’s still probably as important if not more important than any other play in the game right now, but it still is only a 5 second play.”

“So we want to make sure that we’re sharing that around because the following 2-3-5 minutes is pretty important as well.”

“Some of those guys I mentioned may not have absolute centre bounce craft that some of our sort of more established players have got but their next 2 minutes at ground level and around the field is quite elite.”

“So we’re just trying to get a balance in that, trying to get a balance in all of their games to make sure they appreciate what it takes.” Montgomery added.

Source: SENSA
Image: Port Adelaide