Brisbane Update: Noah Answerth

Noah Answerth continues to impress over the pre-season.

Impacted by injuries the last 2 years Answerth has completed a strong pre-season so far.

His backline counterpart Harris Andrews provided insight into the value of Answerth and what he brings to the team.

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“It certainly brings that toughness and just that grunt I guess, not that I felt like we were missing last year but it’s always nice to have those blokes playing around you.”

“He’s a really fierce competitor and someone that when you put him on a small forward you know he’s going to give it his best effort to keep them quiet and makes sure it’s a really tough game for them,”

Brisbane Update: Keidean Coleman

“Him obviously coming back is a really exciting prospect for us, he played on a wing a little bit last week.”

“I guess just having that flexibility to be able to play wing and potentially half-back will open up opportunities for him, it might even open up opportunities for guys like Starc (Brandon Starcevich) who last year sort of built his game on being a real lock down defender.”

“And then obviously having Noah there who’s quite proficient in that role, it’s a good opportunity for Starc to hopefully get involved a little bit more offensively and bounce the ball out of our half-back line.” Andrews said. 

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