GWS Giants Update: Ruck Situation

The Giants still haven’t settled on their ruck structure for this season.

Matt Flynn and Braydon Preuss split game time last week in a practice match against Sydney, they’ll likely do the same again this week against Collingwood in the AAMI Community Series. 

Assistant coach Mark McVeigh provided little clarity on SportsdayWA this week on how the Giants will approach this season at the ruck position. 

“We’ll test that out over this next week.”

“Braydon again hasn’t had the best of run since he arrived at the Giants, he’s had a great run now.”

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“He played 3 quarters on the weekend, really strong performance.”

“(Matt) Flynn had the first 3, Preuss had the back 3 (quarters).”

“Again those two players will probably be available this week to do that.”

“(Kieren) Briggs is probably that third tier ruckman coming though, young ruckman, unfortunately was knocked out on the weekend so he’ll miss a little bit.”

“We’re really happy where they’re at those two, they’ve competed against each other the whole time which is great.”

“Who will vie for that number one ruck, we still don’t know.”

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“They are neck and neck.”

“So that’ll be a week to week proposition at the moment.”

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“Can one of them rest forward while the other one rucks? That’ll be again up to the opposition that we come up to, can we do that, can we get away with that, are they able to defend when the ball hits the ground, can they give us a good contest if they rest forward.”

“So all those things are coming together, and it might sound a bit late that we haven’t made a decision on that but in the end we play against Collingwood and we want to see a strong performance from them both and they’ll get the opportunity in the ruck and they’ll get the opportunity forward.” McVeigh said. 

Source: SportsdayWA
Image: GWS Giants