Fri. Aug 12th, 2022
2022 AFL Fantasy: Round 16 Top 5 Players Under $300K

AFL Fantasy News: Round 16 of the 2022 AFL H&A season begins on Thursday night, @aflratingsPete lists the Top 5 Players Under $300K.

The order takes into account historical performance, ability to make a substantial profit, opportunity and scoring output in their actual team role plus subjective and balanced input.

The ability to remain best 22 is also a strong consideration.  

This list will assist in identifying players to target ahead of Round 16, it may adjust based on team selection & availability. 

*Final updates (if any) will occur on Friday afternoon.

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1. James Tsitas

Tsitas will make his AFL debut for Gold Coast this week, he is a mature contested type player that can keep the fantasy scoring ticking over at a decent rate. 

He’ll likely spend time in a small-forward role but does have the capability of running through the midfield if required. 

If Tsitas can establish a position in the best 22 in the short to medium term he will provide a solid ROI.

2. Jase Burgoyne

Burgoyne will make his AFL debut this week for Port Adelaide, he’s an athletic type that will play mostly on the outside.

He can win plenty of ball and has excellent vision with an ability to hit targets at a high rate. 

If Burgoyne can remain in the best 22 for the short to medium term a decent ROI is likely. 

3. Zane Trew

Trew will make his AFL debut this week, he plays as a medium-tall midfielder/flanker type.

He can accumulate the ball at a decent rate and is composed with his distribution.

West Coast are currently progressing through a youth policy with finals out of range for the season, Trew is a chance to see multiple opportunities to finish out the year. 

A solid ROI is quite possible. 

4. Patrick Parnell

Parnell was quiet last week at Blundstone Arena scoring just 24pts, he recorded 7 disposals. 1 mark and 1 tackle. 

He has been solid in his three games at AFL level, he averaged 14.5 disposals from his first two games. 

Parnell may not provide the biggest ROI from this point.

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5A. Massimo D’Ambrosio

D’Ambrosio scored 52pts last week for the Bombers against West Coast, he recorded 14 disposals, 5 marks and 1 tackle.

His position in the team likely remains decent, he’ll continue to play a role inside defensive 50 for the Bombers. 

The scoring is likely limited for D’Ambrosio, he should still provide a reasonable ROI. 

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5B. Rhett Bazzo

Bazzo was quite good against Essendon last week, he scored 57pts recording 11 disposals, 6 marks and 2 tackles. 

His position as a key defender will likely limit his scoring output, he could see multiple opportunities at AFL level to finish the season with West Coast opting to play youth in some positional circumstances.  

The ROI for Bazza may be limited.

Image: Gold Coast


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