Wed. Aug 17th, 2022
Adelaide Update: Ben Keays

AFL Fantasy News: Ben Keays could be set for an adjustment in his midfield usage. 

Adelaide coaching staff have been consistent in their messaging this year expressing a want to expose the next generation of midfielders. 

Sam Berry has seen a significant increase in midfield and centre bounce usage this season, while Jake Soligo is gaining experience with increased minutes through the midfield. 

Over parts of the season this has likely impacted the ability for Matt Crouch to remain in the team as a pure midfielder. 

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Keays provided an update this week including his role adjustment which allows for Berry and Soligo to progress with their development. 

“I think we’re all keen getting those guys some time in there,”

“The last couple of weeks I’ve been doing some swaps with Soligo and with Berry up forward, try and get them in some centre bounces get them some experience.”

“It’s just about finding that balance really, how to share the load.”

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“I guess maybe the last week or so we haven’t got it right, but we’re definitely working towards it.”

“It takes time to build that chemistry.”

Bean Keays has been used at 79.7% of centre bounces this season, he has been used at 73.1% over his last 2 games.

Rory Laird has been used at 71.2% of centre bounces from his last 2 games.

Source: SEN 
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Adelaide Update: Reilly O’Brien