Pre-game warm-ups given the boot


For over 20 years AFL teams have been warming up prior to games, initially introduced by Terry Wallace back in 1997 the Bulldogs benefited early in games and were quickly copied by all other clubs.

As a result of pre-game warm-ups other games such as 2nd grade games had to move to other venues, there will likely be a push for VFL & local leagues to be played as under cards to main AFL games.

The change will also provide an opportunity for additional fan engagement, the changes will likely increase the amount of time spent at venues which should be an increase in sales for food/drink vendors & bars.

THE BACKGROUND:¬†After travelling to the US in the 1997 pre-season, new Bulldogs coach Terry Wallace came back with a revolutionary idea. Rather than warm up in the cramped confines of the rooms, as teams had for generations, Wallace sent his players out on to the ground an hour before the game with the fitness staff to stretch out, get a feel for the conditions and “kick in” their legs. It was a revelation. The Dogs jumped out of the blocks and everyone followed within weeks.