DFS Strat: Round 1 Sunday

Stephen Coniglio (MB $9,000, DS $13,750)

Coniglio had an injury interrupted 2017 season managing just 10 games, he did score 100pts or more in 50% of games and 120pts or more in 20.0% of games. In 2016, Coniglio scored scored 100pts or more in 60.9% of games & 120pts or more in 26.1% of games.

Goniglio has had an excellent pre-season and his Round 1 output should be reflective of his health, pivoting away from a popular Kelly should provide some much needed salary cap relief for other spots in your rotation.

Jake Lloyd (MB $8,600, DS $12,550)

Lloyd could be a very important decision for DFS players, he averaged 85.0pts when Jarrad McVeigh played his final 11 games of 2017. Before shying away from Lloyd it is worth noting what opposition he will be up against on Sunday, the Eagles conceded 411.0 Disposals from their final 7 games of 2017 (Incl. Finals) & have a very depleted midfield entering the 2018 H&A season.

The experience of the Sydney midfield should be able to put up generous numbers in the final game of Round 1, Lloyd should get his fair share & should be highly considered.

Jake Lloyd.jpg