Fantasy Wrap: Round 2

Round 2 was a very quick reminder for fantasy coaches on how brutal a game this can be at times, with quite a few premium players under performing the decision on each starting Rookie was particularly critical.

There are not enough positive words to describe the start of the 2018 H&A season for Rory Laird (AF: 141, SC: 120), hopefully the injuries to Brad & now Matt Crouch don’t put the squeeze on his output but for Rory Sloane owners it could be a turbulent few weeks. Dustin Martin (AF: 127, SC: 160) would have been used as a loophole Captain for many this week, other than Nankervis & Dusty the Tiger players delivered poor scores in Round 2.

Rory Laird.jpg
For those coaches that selected Todd Goldstein (AF: 117, SC: 123) the solo Ruck path appears to be clear in the short term, Brayden Preuss described his level of fitness as a long way off in an interview during the pre-game on Friday. Jack Billings (AF: 71, SC: 79) was a reflection of St Kilda in Round 2, he was hamstrung playing a small forward role with the Saints recording only 41 Inside 50s.

Ed Curnow (AF: 160, SC: 148) delivered a monster Round 2 score, he was quite solid in 2016 & could be a unique option again in 2018 without much competition from other Carlton Mids (Not Beer). It could be a bumpy ride owning Tom Lynch (GC) (AF: 139, SC: 180) again this year, for now owners are enjoying the beast of a performance in Round 2.

Jeremy Howe (AF: 108, SC: 121) found himself in a good spot due the injury to Darcy Moore, Taylor Adams (AF: 82, SC: 77) is a genuine concern for owners having been assessed for injured ribs against GWS. Stephen Coniglio (AF: 120, SC: 120) distressed many owners early in Q1 against the Magpies, his final 3 Qtrs were superb reinforcing his high ceiling ability.

Owning both Stefan Martin (AF: 68, SC: 63) & Max Gawn (AF: 78, SC: 97) was not optimal for Round 2 as they both nullified each other, the long term prospects are still good for both. There is currently no reason not to roster Clayton Oliver (AF: 125, SC: 146), he has taken his game to yet another level.

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The hot topic of last week was whether or not to trade out Nat Fyfe (AF: 123, SC: 120), it was an interesting decision if you did trade him out. Connor Balkely (AF: 119, SC: 115) may have resurfaced as an option, but how many Freo players do we actually want in our team. Zach Merrett (AF: 78, SC: 95) is now an issue for owners with a subpar game against Fremantle, Bailey Banfield followed him around at Optus Stadium on Saturday night & more opposition teams could do the same in the short term.

The poor performance by the Bulldogs didn’t hurt Jack Macrae (AF: 134, SC: 142), he found the ball with ease and has started the season well. Shannon Hurn (AF: 118, SC: 138) is likely a consideration on both platforms, he was a genuine target for his defenders coming out of defence. Nic Natanui (AF: 70, SC: 85) was non-factor in Q1 against the Bulldogs but he was very good as the game progressed (56% TOG), his game time won’t increase dramatically in the short term.

Ollie Wines (AF: 125, SC: 147) was in beast mode on Sunday in a highly contested game, Justin Westhoff (AF: 104, SC: 111) continued his good start to the year. Jake Lloyd (AF: 75, SC: 71) was a talking point late on Sunday, quite simply when Sydney had the game on their terms he was scoring with ease but when the game flipped after Half Time he struggled.

The start trio of Joel Selwood (AF: 110, SC : 140), Patrick Dangerfield (AF: 118, SC : 130) & Gary Ablett (AF: 138, SC : 144) didn’t disappoint playing together in the same team, unfortunately we were not able to see the full midfield picture as Mitch Duncan was a late withdrawal but Tim Kelly (AF: 115, SC : 117) sure appreciated playing with the star trio. After a quiet start Tom Mitchell (AF: 137, SC : 148) provided another outstanding score, in a fluctuating game it is nice to have a genuine week to week Captain option.

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We fix rookies? Or fix fallen premos? @dpc888
If the fallen premo is playing then likely hold is the better option, in the scenario of Zach Merrett you now need to consider a potential tag each week. An injured premo likely needs to be traded if missing 2+ weeks
Otherwise, make sure all rookies are in a position to generate large sums of cash. Corrective Rookie trades are still recommended.

If you literally had nothing else to do, would you consider trading Neale? @Jake_Pizzuto
Great position to be in.
Neale would be a hold right now, his ceiling is too good.

Best forward option below $575k, thinking either Taranto, Christensen or Taberner? @Subdubb
Considering that Scully is a long term injury, Taranto is a decent choice out of those 3

All the best for Round 3

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