DFS Strat: Round 9 Sunday

📉 Max Gawn (MB $9,900, DS $16,750)

Gawn has been outstanding in the early part of the season averaging 119.6pts, he has scored 100pts or more in 7 games (S/R: 87.5%) & 120pts or more in 4 games (S/R: 50.0%). In the last 2 weeks Gawn has averaged 111.0pts averaging 37.5 Hit Outs, he is averaging 48.0 Hit Outs for the season (AFL Rank 1).

Gawn faces a tough match-up on Sunday in Matthew Kreuzer, he averaged 85.5pts against Kreuzer in 2 games last year (Ave 33.0 Hit Outs). There is a likely scenario in which both Kreuzer & Gawn cancel themselves out of going big.

Gawn is likely to have a low-moderate ownership for the Sunday slate, whilst he is not a terrible play it is possible he does not exceed his salary expectation. Mostly a pass from all teams, but if multi entering it might be worthwhile constructing the odd line-up with Gawn included as most will likely fade his action.


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Dayne Zorko (MB $8,400, DS $14,400)

Playing Zorko at a reasonable salary could be a split decision for the Sunday slate, his form in the last 2 weeks has been outstanding averaging 145.5pts. On the flip side bad Zorko has been a nightmare play as he averaged 66.5pts from his opening 6 games.

In the last 2 weeks Zorko has virtually been allowed to do as he has pleased averaging 29.0 Disposals, 8.5 Tackles & 4.0 Goals, the dilemma for DFS players is the possible tag Alastair Clarkson might throw his way thus nullifying any value in rostering him. Note: James Cousins is selected and restricted Zach Merrett to 17 Disposals in Round 7.

Zorko is value so rostering him is not a bad option but take into consideration the possible tag, with most DFS players drawn to the Zorko flame it could be a great opportunity to fade his action. Not a complete pass for Sunday, but restrict the amount of times you roster Zorko.


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