Fantasy Wrap: Round 11

Round 11 provided a mixed bag of results for many coaches, there were disappointments such as Tom Rockliff (AF: 43, SC: 41) & Nat Fyfe (AF: 76, SC: 78) through to the peak performances from Max Gawn (AF: 141, SC: 139) & Tom Mitchell (AF: 145, SC: 135).

The weekend also provided coaches with another influx of Rookies that were an instant hit, Paul Ahern (AF: 92, SC: 84) was a standout finishing with 29 Disposals on debut looking great in the midfield at the Kangaroos.

Stefan Giro (AF: 54, SC: 39) made the most of his opportunities playing across half forward for the Dockers, Brody Mihocek (AF: 78, SC: 97) kicked 4 Goals on debut for the Magpies playing in the forward line.

Tom Rockliff 1.jpg

Round 11 Notable Performances (Good & Bad):

After a couple of quiet weeks Callum Sinclair (AF: 117, SC: 132) was able to put up decent numbers against Matthew Kreuzer (AF: 93, SC: 116), Dan Hannebery (AF: 48, SC: 46) finished with a season low 12 Disposals. Sam Kerridge (AF: 112, SC: 134) recorded a season high 29 Disposals on Friday night, Patrick Cripps (AF: 57, SC: 54) was held to a season low 17 Disposals by George Hewett (AF: 66, SC: 81).

Lachie Hunter (AF: 109, SC: 117) finished with a team high 32 Disposals for the Bulldogs, Jack Macrae (AF: 107, SC: 105) recorded his 6th consecutive 30+ Disposal game. Max Gawn (AF: 141, SC: 139) had a game high 57 Hit Out against the Bulldogs, Angus Brayshaw (AF: 133, SC: 89) was unstoppable again as he finished with 39 Disposals.

Firstly Sam Powell –Pepper (AF: 72, SC: 74) tried to stop Tom Mitchell (AF: 145, SC: 135) then it was left up to Tom Rockliff (AF: 43, SC: 41), Mitchell has recorded 28 Disposals in each of his last 2 games. Justin Westhoff (AF: 96, SC: 75) was hot early but kept very quiet in the 2nd half, Robbie Gray (AF: 69, SC: 96) spent most of his time forward against the Hawks.

Touk Miller (AF: 99, SC: 101) finished with a team high 27 Disposals in what was a complete blowout, Ben Ainsworth (AF: 84, SC: 85) has averaged 21.0 Disposals from his last 4 games. Gary Ablett (AF: 119, SC: 117) finished with a game high 37 Disposals, Joel Selwood (AF: 136, SC: 133) recorded 33 Disposals & 8 Marks against the Suns.

Gary Ablett 2.jpg

Devon Smith (AF: 129, SC: 77) recorded a season high 26 Disposals against the Tigers, Tom Bellchambers was a solid contributor for the Bombers finishing with 17 Disposals & 39 Hit Outs. Shane Edwards (AF: 111, SC: 142) had his best game for the year with 31 Disposals & 3 Goals, Jack Riewoldt (AF: 39, SC: 35) was quiet after being concussed last week.

Josh Kennedy (AF: 111, SC: 122) kicked a season high 6 Goals against the Saints, he has averaged 14.3 Disposals & 4 Goals from his last 3 games. Tim Membrey (AF: 111, SC: 122) also managed to kick 6 Goals (Career High) at Optus Stadium on Saturday night, Jack Sinclair (AF: 121, SC: 126) has averaged 25.7 Disposals from his last 3 games.

Luke McDonald (AF: 133, SC: 132) recorded a career high 34 Disposals against Brisbane on Sunday, Shaun Higgins (AF: 119, SC: 127) was dominant again in the midfield for Nth Melbourne. Dayne Beams (AF: 137, SC: 119) has averaged 32.7 Disposals from his last 3 games, Dayne Zorko (AF: 128, SC: 103) has averaged 9.8 Tackles from his last 5 games.

Luke McDonald.jpg

Brayden Maynard (AF: 144, SC: 121) recorded an equal career high 27 Disposals on Sunday, Tom Phillips (AF: 143, SC: 131) has averaged 34.0 Disposals from his last 3 games. Lachie Neale (AF: 143, SC: 131) finished with an equal game high 29 Disposals along with Michael Walters (AF: 120, SC: 92).

Bryce Gibbs (AF: 142, SC: 116) & Matt Crouch (AF: 116, SC: 106) both finished with a team high 36 Disposals for the Crows, Rory Laird (AF: 105, SC: 111) has recorded 30 Disposals or more in 9 of 11 games this season. Stephen Coniglio (AF: 106, SC: 89) left the game early in Q4 with delayed concussion after a knock late in Q3, Josh Kelly (AF: 96, SC: 97) is slowly working his way back as he finished with a team high 31 Disposals.

Good Luck for Round 12