Fantasy Wrap: Round 13

The depth of our teams were tested in Round 13 as team selection didn’t pan out well for the majority of coaches, in-game injuries further enhanced our issues not only in a weekly team score but also creating loophole Captain problems.

Fortunately there is only 1 week remaining for the Bye period, the frustration is nearly over!

Round 13 Notable Performances (Good & Bad):

Jack Macrae (AF: 44, SC: 51) didn’t return after HT due to a strained hamstring in Q2, Toby McLean (AF: 49, SC: 52) almost didn’t last past the opening bounce after receiving contact to his shoulder. On a positive note Ollie Wines (AF: 137, SC: 157) has been huge in the last 2 weeks, those that ignored Tom Rockliff (AF: 128, SC: 127) must now be having second thoughts.

Ollie Wines 1.jpg

Jake Lloyd (AF: 105, SC: 122) found himself in a prime defensive position as the loose player across half back, he recorded 28 Disposals & 8 Mark. Elliot Yeo (AF: 136, SC: 144) played one of his better games for the year, he recorded 29 Disposals, 5 Marks, 8 Tackles & kicked 2 Goals.

After a very slow start to the game Kade Simpson (AF: 111, SC: 123) was back to his dominant best in the 2nd half, Simpson recorded 30 Disposals after QT. Lachie Neale (AF: 127, SC: 159) & Nat Fyfe (AF: 125, SC: 154) virtually did as they pleased in the 1st half against the Blues, the Neale/Fyfe combo have each recorded 30 Disposals or more in 3 of their last 6 games.

Kade Simpson.jpg

David Swallow (AF: 102, SC: 111) did all he could on Saturday recording 21 Disposals & 9 Tackles against the Saints, Jarrod Witts (AF: 81, SC: 54) recorded a season low 9 Disposals. After a couple of moderate weeks Seb Ross (AF: 137, SC: 136) was outstanding against Gold Coast, Jack Billings (AF: 104, SC: 99) recorded a season high 27 Disposals.

Despite a slow start Tom Mitchell (AF: 120, SC: 136) achieved yet another 40 Disposal game, he has recorded 40 Disposals in 6 of 12 games this season (2017: 3). Bryce Gibbs (AF: 107, SC: 87) continued his good form again in Round 13 finishing with 28 Disposals, Paul Seedsman (AF: 44, SC: 49) averaged 26.5 Disposals in his opening 6 games but has averaged just 18.8 Disposals from his last 6 games.

Joel Selwood (AF: 113, SC: 117) has been very reliable this season , he is averaging 27.5 Disposals, 4.7 Marks & 6.0 Tackles in 2018. Patrick Dangerfield (AF: 75, SC: 102) started Forward against the Tigers, his move into the midfield during Q3 did salvage part of his fantasy output. Dustin Martin (AF: 76, SC: 88) recorded 22 Disposals against Geelong, he has recorded 30 Disposals or more in 1 game (8.3%) this season (2017: 14 (56.%)).

Good luck in Round 14

Tom Mitchell 2.jpg