AFL Fantasy Analysis: Sam Docherty


Sam Docherty spent the last season on the sidelines after rupturing his ACL in the pre-season, he should complete a near full pre-season at the Blues. Docherty averaged a career season high 116.8pts in 2017, however he only averaged 99.0pts from his last 6 games on that season.

Docherty scored 100pts or more in 72.7% of games & 120pts or more from 45.5% of games in 2017, these are elite splits.

By The Numbers: 2018 Debuts

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Docherty will be highly considered by fantasy coaches at the start of the 2019 season, his previous fantasy history suggests he can maintain an elite average due to his high ceiling games.

“I think expanding on that 2017 midfield role will be part of it, but most of the time will be spent down back” Sam Docherty recently on his 2019 role.

If Docherty remains predominantly in defence then he could also benefit from the change in rules next season.

Fantasy Impact: 2019 Rule Changes

Carlton averaged 347.1 Disposals in 2018 (Rank 18), the Blues will likely improve next season with the addition of several key players during the Trade Period & Draft.

Fantasy coaches should also take into consideration the more even spread of Disposals for Carlton & the potential impact on Docherty, additionally the Blues spent the majority of 2017 defending against opponent scoring which did benefit the likes of Docherty & Simpson.

An improved Carlton could also impact the output for Docherty, he is a must watch during the JLT Series. Docherty is such a large investment against the salary cap, it is worthwhile being very diligent here.

Bet Lab: 2019 Coleman Medal

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