AFL Fantasy Analysis: Dayne Beams


In his last season at Brisbane Dayne Beams was the highest scoring fantasy player, after his trade back to Collingwood his average would have ranked him 2nd at the Magpies in 2018 behind Brodie Grundy & ahead of Adam Treloar, Steele Sidebottom, Taylor Adams & Scott Pendlebury.

Beams scored 100pts or more in 57.9% of games & 120pts or more from 42.1% of games in 2018, his splits were a touch more volatile compared to 2017.

Dayne Beams Splits.jpg

Looking ahead at the 2019 Collingwood Midfield, it is completely stacked with fantasy relevant options. Finding the right player to proceed with from the Magpies will be difficult for fantasy coaches, with the addition of Beams it is likely that other options are a push or even a slight downgrade due to the extensive depth.

Collingwood averaged 402.7 Disposals in the 2018 H&A season (Rank 1), it is very likely they will be ranked highly again in 2019. The Magpies had 6 players average 25.0 Disposals or more last season, Dayne Beams would likely average more than 25.0 Disposals in 2019.

There will likely be movement at the Magpies for several key players to allow Beams to work as an inside Midfielder, Scott Pendlebury may move to a Half-Back role as a result.

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If you are looking to roll with at least one Midfield option at Round 1 then watching Collingwood in both JLT Series games is compulsory viewing, based on the salaries for Beams and other premium Midfield options at the Magpies it is arguable that they are appropriately priced.

Dayne Beams AF.jpg

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