AFL Fantasy: New Utility Position Strategy

AFL Fantasy have introduced a new position for the upcoming 2020 classic season, the R4 position (Ruck) has been removed and replaced with a Utility bench position.

Any player can be placed into the Utility spot regardless of designated position, it is yet to be determined how the bench emergency will work however it is likely a check box will be implemented similar to ‘Draft’ or a possibly that a player must be located in a specific position in order to be activated as an Emergency.

AFL Fantasy: 2019 Overall Top 10

The change in format will no doubt require a change in strategy for the 2020 season, no longer will we have a position within the 30 player squad that is virtually a throw away minimum priced player.

DPP players now increase slightly in value especially around the Bye period, the ability to move multiple players across several lines will likely be an advantage.

Not only will strategy change around the Bye period but an initial squad & structure will be different compared the previous 2/2/2/2 bench format.

AFL Fantasy: 2019 Overall Top 10 – Midfield Ownership & Salary Spend

With the 30th position in our squad now being active the likelihood result will be faster cash generation via our rookie priced players, identifying players with a high ROI (Return on Investment) early in the season will now be magnified in a race to complete on-field teams.

Most coaches will initially trend towards selecting a 3rd Midfield player in the Utility spot, flexibility as the season progresses will likely provide enhanced bench cover especially at the end of the season.

With the faster cash generation completing a team earlier will likely result, continuing the cash generation late into the season may provide an opportunity to increase premium players and identify specific match-ups to maximise points & while benching inferior players.

Make sure you tune into the @PlusSixPodcast where Jeppa & Pete will provide specific plans on the Utility position throughout the pre-season & H&A season.

Plus Six Podcast Episode 2

Article by @aflratingsPete


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