Collingwood Update: Jordan DeGoey

There is more clarity on the role for Jordan DeGoey in the 2022 AFL season. 

Collingwood senior coach Craig McRae provided a brief snapshot on SEN this week as to where Degoey will play throughout the year. 

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“We’re looking for the best version of him, actually I said to him we’re looking for a better version.”

“Because we just want him to continue to get better.”

Collingwood Update: Charlie Dean

“He’s going to play similar to Dusty (Dustin Martin) if you like,”

GAME DAY LIVE on Twitter @aflratings_Live “He’s sort of bit of forward come up to
stoppages, hang around for a bit longer if he wants to, have a bit of a licence to be the best talent he can be, but to play within our system.”

“That’s all we’re asking of him.” McRae said.

Source: SEN
Image: Collingwood