Adelaide Update: Wayne Milera

Wayne Milera remains in contention to return for the start of the 2022 AFL season.

Adelaide assistant coach Michael Godden provided an update via SENSA on Milera’s game on the weekend as he increases his match conditioning.

“I thought his first half he competed, a little bit scratchy as most footballers are but his second half he really started to warm up.”

“When the ball is in Wayne’s hands you’re pretty excited.” Godden said.

When asked whether Milera would be be in contention for Round 1 Godden provided a further update.

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings “He’ll definitely be in the
conversation for sure.”

“So there needs to be a conversation with him as well to see how he went,”

“Just to see how confident he was and how he’s pulled up.”

“He’ll be in contention, I’m not too sure where he sits in terms of the pecking order at this point but he won’t be too far away.” he said.

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Godden also “expects” Jordan Dawson to be available for Round 1, “he’s been exceptional throughout the pre-season.”

GAME DAY LIVE on Twitter @aflratings_Live “My understanding is he’ll be very
close if not pretty much a lock I would have thought.” Godden added.

Source: SENSA
Image: Adelaide