2022 Coach Quotes: Round 4

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Simon Goodwin on:

Angus Brayshaw and James Jordon

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“We’ve had some positional changes (since last year).”

“Angus Brayshaw has gone to half-back and looked really comfortable.”

“James Jordon is holding down the wing and looking really good in the way that he plays.”

Max Gawn

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“That’s been building for a few week.”

“He’s been really close the last couple of weeks.”

“I thought tonight he was a really dominant player on the ground, I thought he had a huge impact on the result.”

Max Gawn and Luke Jackson

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“We’ve got a really dynamic duo between the two of them,”

“They respect each other for what they bring.”

“They’re a great combination, they’ve spoken with each other about how they will continue to feel what the game needs from each other.”

“And they are two completely different players in terms of what they offer.”

Luke Jackson

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s certainly got better at his general play positioning, he’s really closely with Max on developing that and he’s starting to have an impact behind the ball, especially aerially.”


Ken Hinkley on:

Ollie Wines

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Ollie wasn’t well, so he’s actually gone off to hospital to be checked.”

Trent McKenzie

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“His knee just didn’t come up tonight (Late withdrawal).”

“He’s had another little incident somewhere between last week’s game and getting ready to play this week,”

 “It looks like his knee is not quite right, we’ll investigate that further.”

Scott Lycett

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Obviously he hurt his shoulder a little bit, he played through the game, got through the last quarter.”

Robbie Gray

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“We hope that Rob gets back (next week).”


Chris Fagan on:

Lachie Neale

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I thought he fought on all night, he’s ended up with a fair bit of the footy.”

“(Mark) O’Connor was all over him, so it was a good tough honest battle.”


Chris Scott on:

Tom Stewart

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He came down with gastro in the morning (late withdrawal).”

“I just don’t think it would have been fair on him to really push him (to play).”

Joel Selwood

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Joel’s been a bit crook and a little bit off (managed).”

Mark O’Connor

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Mark O’Connor was fantastic, and again we took our time with him.”

“We could have played him last week.”


John Longmire on:

Oliver Florent

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Particularly the second half was good.”

Lance Franklin

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Looks like he’s broken his finger.”

Justin McInerney

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Was both sides of the ball, gave us great energy.”

“He was able to play a couple of different roles for us, he went from outside in, then took us from inside out in a running sense.”

Isaac Heeney

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He played a very important last quarter for us.”

Ben Ronke

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s just had a terrible run with injuries, he’s missed a lot of footy over the last 2 years.”

“He’s been able to put together a bit of a pre-season, a bit of consistency in that regards.”

Peter Ladhams

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He continues to build and improve.”

Paddy McCartin

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s fine, he came back on, he’s all good”

“They (medical) gave him the all clear.”


David Noble on:

Jack Ziebell

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s a terrific leader.”

“I floated (playing forward) it to him early in the week, I felt that there was an opportunity for us to draw the ball a bit deeper this week.”

“I still think there’s times where we’ll still consider playing him back.”

“Probably hard to move him out of there (forward) next week I would think.”

Nick Larkey

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“His capacity to keep that aerial contest is strong.”

Jason Horne-Francis

“I think what I saw in his game in the first half was a really nice balance of that ability to get and use his feet on the outside.”

“We’ve just got to find that nice little balance between getting some outside ball for him at times, using him up forward.”

Jaidyn Stephenson

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“We’ve given him a bit more of a challenge in the midfield.”


Adam Simpson on:

Jeremy McGovern

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“His continuity is good, he’s in good shape.”

“There’s good pressure up the ground that allows him to play his way.”

Willie Rioli

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He was important for us tonight.”

Luke Edwards

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“The worry is he might have aggravated that (groin/OP from last year), he’s got a bit of groin soreness.”


Craig McRae on:

Jamie Elliott

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“It’s an AC injury, he’s going straight to hospital.”

“To be assessed, I think it could be quite a serious injury.”

“If he needs an operation, it could be 12 weeks.”

Nick Daicos

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s a 19 year old and he’s dominating possessions, says a lot about the way he goes about it.”


Damien Hardwick on:

Hugo Ralphsmith

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Hugo Ralphsmith I thought was wonderful again tonight.”

Josh Gibcus

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Josh Gibcus continues to grow.”

Ben Miller

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Ben Miller is becoming very reliable down back.”

Dion Prestia

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s wonderful at what he does, we’ve missed him.”

Liam Baker

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s just become such an important player for us both on and off the field.”

Shai Bolton

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“What I’ve been really pleased with is his defensive intent,”

“He’s take  some time but he’s starting to understand how that leads and helps his offence which is really important.”

“His ability in and out of clearance is quite remarkable.”

Nick Vlastuin

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s probable at this stage (next week).”


Luke Beveridge on:

Alex Keath

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s going to be out for a few weeks.”

Tim O’Brien

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He had some really good involvements and he’ll want a few others back.”

Tim English

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Tim’s had a good few weeks, I thought he was pretty good again tonight.”

“Right at this point in time we plan to keep doing that.”

“He might put his hand up to come back in, we’ll process that during the week.”


Jaymie Graham on:

Will Brodie

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“We know his contested possession is one of his strengths.”

“He was really important for us inside.”

Nathan O’Driscoll

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s playing great footy,”

“He’s a high work rate player.”

Alex Peace

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Unfortunately he felt a bit of a tweak in the warm up (Ankle).”

James Aish

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I think he’s fine, I think he just tweaked his ankle as well late.”

Andrew Brayshaw

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s coping really well (with a tag).”

“He’s really selfless with any tag, he’s working out ways we can manipulate it as a midfield.”

Caleb Serong

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Quite promising (to play next week).”


Leon Cameron on:

Isaac Cumming

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I thought Isaac Cumming had another real good strong performance.”

Lachie Ash

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I thought he was terrific up to halfway through the 3rd (Quarter), we sort of made a decision to get (Callan) Wardy into the game and we broke it (the Ash role) with 5 minutes to go in the 3rd.”

Jesse Hogan

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I thought he presented well.”

Lachie Whitfield

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s pretty sore in his ankle and his knee.”

“He just wanted to stay out there.”

“Hopefully he pulls up well.”


Matthew Nicks on:

Taylor Walker

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I think he’s really important to our group, he straightens us up, his experience he brings ahead of the ball, he helps those younger guys that are down there playing round him.”

Mitch Hinge

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“We’ll more than likely probably lose Hinge, we’ll have to see how he pulls up (Hip).”


Blake Caracella on:

Peter Wright

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Peter Wright stood up today, in the first half especially.”

Jake Waterman

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Stringer being out, Waterman I thought played really well.”

Will Snelling

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s an integral part of our team and we’re going to miss him a lot (calf injury).”

“He’ll be out for a short period.”

Devon Smith

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I thought he played really well.”

“We know he can play some really really good football, it’s great to see him take a step forward today.”

Matt Guelfi

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I think he’s playing his career best footy,”

“Not just tonight but the last 2-3 games he’s played some really good footy.”

“He’s probably found his best position on the ground.”

“He’s a lively tough contested half-forward that can put pressure on, that can take a mark, he can play a number of roles down there for us as well.”


Sam Mitchell on:

Will Day

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“It’s not ideal he entered the concussion protocol.”

Ned Reeves

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s the only fit ruckman on the list, but he’s actually holding up pretty well.”

“He came into the game even a little bit sore.”


Brett Ratten on:

Ben Long and Dan Butler

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I thought Long and Butler’s pressure was outstanding in the front half.”

Brad Hill

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s played it before (forward), it’s not like it’s new to him.”

“He’ll go and play half-back again.”

Jade Gresham

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I think he’s done a brilliant job through the pre-season and trying to really hone in on the little things to make him better, and he’s really invested in himself to try and make himself the playe he wants to be.”

Marcus Windhager

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s come out and performed at a pretty good standard first up.”

“His contested ball and his competitiveness was there, and his ability to run over the ground is pretty impressive for a young fella.”

Jack Sinclair

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I think he’s understanding the impact he can have with this team and what he can do.”


Michael Voss on:

Patrick Cripps

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“We think it’s only minor (hamstring),”

“We’ll just wait, find out and do the assessment as needed.”

Marc Pittonet

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“We think that he’ll be okay (to play next week).”


Stuart Dew on:

Jy Farrar

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“It looks like he’s done a hamstring.”

“He started the game really well, he’s been in good form.”

Josh Corbett

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Josh Corbett obviously took some opportunities, he’s got real sticky hands, really good mark, he’s a tough match up.”

Jack Lukosius (Knee)

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“No information yet as to what his medical condition is like, so fingers crossed that it’s not too bad.”

Malcolm Rosas

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“His last month in particular has been outstanding.”


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