2022 Coach Quotes: Round 5

Keep updated on post-game press conferences throughout the 2022 AFL season. 


Chris Fagan on:

Lachie Neale

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“He was enormous in the second quarter, he was the one that really got us going around clearance and around contested ball.”

Joe Daniher 

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“I think he’s used to his team mates, I think he’s got his confidence back in his body after playing a full year last year.”

Dayne Zorko

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“We know Zorks can go forward, we know he can go into the midfield.”

Callum Ah Chee

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“He had some big moments tonight,”

“I think his last 2 or 3 weeks he’s been quite consistent and quite good for us.”



Craig McRae on:

Beau McCreery

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“Beau McCreery hasn’t played the last few games, he’s a great pressure player for us.”

“Available (Round 6).”

Scott Pendlebury

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“He’s our most experienced player, we just thought that we could have a bigger player around stoppage (against Lachie Neale).”

“He’s been playing mainly back, we thought let’s try a few different things.”

“What we found that Pendles was probably on the ground a bit too long (impacting team rotations).”

“We sort of went away from that, allowed the guys to spend a bit more onto him (Lachie Neale), not just so much Pendlebury.”

“It became a bit more of a team tag.”

Darcy Cameron

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“Looks like he’s got a cracked rib.”

“He’s quite sore.”


Luke Beveridge on:

Marcus Bontempelli

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“It’s probably the first time we’ve gone in with a plan to play Marcus for longer periods just as a forward and it changed throughout the course of the game.”

“The balance of his time into the midfield and forward will continue to change week to week.”

Cody Weightman

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“It’s nice for him to get a big return like that.”

“I thought he had a good balance in his game tonight.”

Riley Garcia

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“We’re a bit worried about him.”

“The exact nature of the (knee) injury we’ll all just have to wait and see what the scan shows up.”

Jack Macrae

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“He went through the (concussion) test.”

“He was fine and hence he came back on.”

Bailey Smith

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“He’s had a significant start to the year Baz.”

“He’s playing more game time than he ever has, he’s an example of a young fella who’s now really ready to take on the rigours of the game at this level and spend more time out on the ground and be that influential player we always thought he’d be.”

“He’s got an enormous desire to be the best player in the game.”


David Noble on:

Aaron Hall (Hamstring)

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“Obviously I don’t think he’ll be available.”

“I’m not sure, I haven’t had an update just yet.”

Todd Goldstein

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“His role is a little bit different at the moment.”

“We’ve probably tended to have X (Tristan Xerri) as our number one ruck.”

“Todd’s been able to be a bit more of a foil for us up forward.”

Tristan Xerri

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“It’s pretty quick (his development).”

“I thought he was probably in our top 3 or 4 performers over pre-season.”

“I think his progression has been great.”

Jy Simpkin

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s a terrific leader internally for us.”

Kayne Turner

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I though Kayne Turner did a pretty reasonably job on Caleb (Daniel).”

Flynn Perez

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I’ve been really impressed with Flynn, his understanding of the game.”

Jed Anderson

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“I would’ve of thought so (see him playing at AFL level soon).”

“He’s got to a pretty good (fitness) level reasonably quickly.”

Jack Mahony

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Ankle in the end, not sure how bad.”


Adam Simpson on:

Elliot Yeo

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He missed a lot of the first quarter (concussion test).”

“He’s fine now.”

“I think so (spending time in defence to build fitness).”

Bailey Williams and Hugh Dixon

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“That combination we think can work for us in the future,”

“But I didn’t think it worked too well tonight.”

Willie Rioli

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I think Willie is going to be fine (lower leg/foot).”

Jeremy McGovern

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“At this stage he’ll be right for next week.”

Oscar Allen

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I suspect Allen will be a bit longer than 1 week (before returning).”


John Longmire on:

Tom Papley

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“We’ll see how he is this week, he’s training now at a really strong high level.”

Peter Ladhams

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Peter was very good and very strong in the contest and kept the pressure going the whole game.”

“I thought his performance in the ruck was pretty sound.”

Josh Kennedy

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“That was the plan tonight (medical sub) and going forward we’ll do whatever the team needs.”

“If we needed him he could have come on and played a number of roles for us.

“He’s got a very important role to play for us.”

Isaac Heeney

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He has been consistent, wherever we’ve needed him he’s played forward, he’s played deep, he’s played high, he’s played midfield inside, he’s played on the wing, he’s played a number of different roles for us.”

“And I think that’s been important for him as well to change up his role during the course of the game and he’s really running with that and being a real threat wherever he is.”

“Important that he’s able to help the forward group (with leadership/experience), it’s important when he goes midfield too.”


Brendon Lade on:

Jade Gresham

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He flips his time between midfield and forward and has an impact in both.”

Max King

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“We’ve just got a 6-day break, the game was won so give him a bit of a rest (Late in Q4).”

Zak Jones

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s always going to be week to week, we’ll monitor him and won’t be pushing him in any sooner than we need to and he’ll be ready when he’s ready.”

“Has a good week there’s a chance (he’ll play Round 6), if he doesn’t might not be.”

Bradley Hill

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“All fine.”

Jack Billing and Jarryn Geary

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“(Available) in the coming weeks, they’re not too far away I wouldn’t have thought.”


Stuart Dew on:

Levi Casboult

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I thought Levi battle and worked so hard, he played 100% of the game.”

“You know what you’re getting but he gave us a contest.”

Matt Rowell

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“When you watch him closely, he’s working very hard.”

“Teams put more time into him.”

“I think we’ve got to remember this lad’s played under 20 games.”

“We understand that there’s attention there, but we love the way Matt plays and he going to influence games for this footy club.”

“He’s going to play his role in that midfield, sometimes he’ll get 3 Brownlow votes (reflection on early career games) other times he’ll just play his role.”

Mabior Chol

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He looked sore in the groin (subbed soon after returning to the game).”

David Swallow

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Dislocated finger.”


Damien Hardwick on:

Dylan Grimes

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s probably a couple of weeks away at this stage.”

Shai Bolton

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I just didn’t think he looked as clean as what he normally is,”

 “He still did some wonderful things.”

Trent Cotchin

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“The ground probably plays to Trent (advantage), it’s high contest high pressured ground, it’s a little bit smaller than most of the venues so it lends itself to that sort of game.”

Noah Balta

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

”He’s been good for the vast majority (of the season), just probably the consistency I think is what we’re after.”

“He’s a young developing forward, which they do take time.”

Hugo Ralphsmith

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I think he just got a whack to the ribs.”

“Hopefully he puts his hand up for next week, we’re not too sure at this stage.”

Kane Lambert

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Lambert may be a possibility (next week).”

Kamdyn McIntosh

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Will be available (H&S protocols).”


Matthew Nicks on:

Taylor Walker

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s given us that presence ahead of the ball, he challenges the opposition, when gets his opportunities he finishes in front of goal.”

Elliott Himmelberg and Reilly O’Brien

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“When Himmelberg goes in the ruck we believe we’re just as strong in that position, he brings a different dynamic to what ROB (Reilly O’Brien) was, by no means are we going one ruck.”

“What we have with ROB is an advantage that ROB is extremely fit and can play large percentage of game time, so we use that when we can.”

“I thought his (Reilly O’Brien) was half was really strong.”

Rory Sloane

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“It’s a knee injury, we don’t know yet.”

“There’ll be further assessment on that, our fingers are crossed with that one.”

Sam Berry

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Tonight we had Sam Berry come in and play and we wanted to get him plenty of time through that midfield, he’s been playing outstanding footy at SANFL level.”

Chayce Jones

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s been right on the edge (of high performance) Chayce, he’s played some outstanding footy.”

“And so for him tonight that’s got to bring some belief, and hopefully that takes his game to the next level.”


Simon Goodwin on:

Kysaiah Pickett

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He hit the scoreboard tonight which is great, I was really proud of him.”

“He’s worked incredibly hard on his game.”

Steven May

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I thought he was brilliant tonight.”

“He was a bit unwell yesterday and came into the game under a little bit of cloud (doubt).”

Jake Lever

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s just rolled his ankle, he rolled it a couple of times.”

“So he’s got 8 days now to get himself right.”

Sam Weideman

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I thought Sam Weideman was incredibly strong aerially for us tonight.”

Max Gawn

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“It gives Jacko (Luke Jackson) a good chance in the ruck (when Max plays forward) and gives us a different look forward on centre.”

“Max is proving a real handful when he’s in the forward line, it’s just another option for us going forward.”


Leon Cameron on:

Tanner Bruhn

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I thought he played a really good game in the midfield against clearly (Christian) Petracca and (Clayton) Oliver.”

Finn Callaghan

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He didn’t look out of order out there, I thought he contributed in a really good way.”

Matt Flynn

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I thought Flynny had a really good duel, he’s up against two monsters (Max Gawn and Luke Jackson).”

Toby Greene

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s done an enormous amount of work,”

“He’ll take a couple of weeks to get that game fitness.”


Michael Voss on:

Jack Martin

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“We saw what clearly Jack brings to us, he has been a little bit down and really pleased that he’s been able to work a way through that.”

George Hewett

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s been super consistent.”

Patrick Cripps

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’ll be an assess this week, but a good chance.”

“We’ll wait and see in the first couple of days of this week, clearly he’s got to train.”


Ken Hinkley on:

Ollie Wines

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“We’re optimistic (on a return next week).”

“The one thing we’ve got to be really cautious of is Ollie’s health and make sure that’s right.”

“As I sit here now we expect him to play next week.”

Sam Hayes

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“It’s a big ask for a young ruck to come in and play on his own.”

“Sam took on a big load for us and I was really proud of him.”

Ryan Burton

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Ryan has been a pretty strong player for us for his entire time at our footy club.”

“He’s coming into his prime.”


Justin Longmuir on:

Matt Taberner

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Our ability to use the ball up the ground and give our forwards better looks especially in that second half was really pleasing, our connection became a lot better as the game went on and Tabs was on the end of it.”

“I don’t think we’ve got anyone that works harder on their game, he’s always doing extras sometimes to his own detriment and always working on his goal kicking, for him to kick so accurate today was really needed and a great reward for the effort he’s put in.”


Ben Rutten on:

Ben Hobbs

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“We got Hobbs on the ball a little bit throughout that last quarter.”

“I thought he played a really good game.”

Jye Caldwell

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Caldwell getting some more time through there (midfield).”

“Starting to build some consistency through his time in the midfield.”

Sam Draper

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“(Andrew) Phillips going down, we’ve been playing two rucks partly to continue to support Sammy Draper through that ruck period, he battles hard but I think he tires at the end of the game and he had to do the full ruck load today.”

“So part about that is about that but it’s also was about giving us a secondary target up forward for periods of the quarter.”

Peter Wright

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I thought Pete battled all day, he was competing often against 2 or 3 (opponents).”

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“We haven’t really got a time frame on him (for a return).”

“He won’t be in the short term future.”

Jake Stringer and Zach Merrett

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I think Stringer and Merrett probably less likely (to return) next week.”

Andrew Phillips

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I think so at this stage (hamstring).”


Sam Mitchell on:

Tom Mitchell

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He said to me at half time that they had dropped the tag, so we looked to change his role.”

“He’s playing quite a selfless role, he’s spending a fair bit of time forward and doing a couple of different things.”

Jacob Koschitzke

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Jacob Koschitzke comes in plays his first game, he would love to have played as a key forward for 80% of the game and just had to help out a little bit in the ruck (due to Ned Reeves injury).”

Conor Nash

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He had his opportunities to play as an inside mid today and he’s forced back into the ruck again (due to Ned Reeves injury).”

Ned Reeves

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“They can settle quite quickly (dislocated shoulder), so we wouldn’t rule him out at this point but we’ll wait for the scans.”

Max Lynch

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’ll certainly come into consideration (next week), but he hasn’t played footy for a month now.”

“We’re not against doing something unorthodox in the ruck if that’s what it comes to.”

Jai Newcombe

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I think his ability to run out a game, he’s actually been able to really stand up in key moments, today is where he probably put it all together.”

James Sicily

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s had a strong start to the season.”

“He’s really maturing as an individual, as a leader and as a team mate.”

James Worpel

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Today what was really pleasing.. he was the third highest pressure point player in the game.”

“He’ll continue to work to ply his craft, I still don’t think he’s playing his best football right now.”


Chris Scott on:

Patrick Dangerfield

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“He’s played forward a little bit (recently), he’s had a few little niggles that haven’t kept him out of the games that might be holding him back a little bit.”

“He’s been in really good shape through the pre-season.”

Jack Henry

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“The feedback is that he stood on someone’s boot and tweaked his foot a little bit (subbed out).”

“The concern for there is that he had foot surgery in the pre-season.”

Jed Bews

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“Jed Bews shoulder, couldn’t go on.”

Cam Guthrie

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“(Leg) cork that he sort of battled through.”

Tyson Stengle

AFL News on Twitter @aflratings

“I think he’s playing the role that we brought him in to play, we’re really positive about the way he’s going.”

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