2022 Coach Quotes: Round 7

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Damien Hardwick on:

Jayden Short

“Jayden Short I thought was terrific through the middle of the ground.”

“It’s something I think we’ll continue to explore, he looked really good in there, comfortable.”

“the way he played tonight, he’s a fair chance (to keep playing midfield).”

Maurice Rioli

“Defensively he was very good, he’s just so quick, closes space very well.”

Tom Lynch

“His ability to jump at the ball in and around the contest was great.”

Dustin Martin

“I’m hopeful from a coaching point of view (he’ll return next week).”

Dion Prestia

“He’s got some Achilles and soleus tightness as well,”

“We just couldn’t take the risk with him getting injured (subbed out).”

Marlion Pickett

“Pickett will be available we think for selection (next week).”

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Adam Simpson on:

Tom Barrass

“Hopefully it’s just 1 week (hamstring), we’ll just have to see how he pulls up tomorrow.”

Andrew Gaff

“Gaff got through well (subbed on).”

Sam Petrevski-Seton

“I thought Petrevski-Seton went back and helped us a little bit.”

Greg Clark

“Clark looked like he’s not out of his depth with his first game.”

Luke Strnadica

“I thought Strnadica at stages for his second game of AFL against two big fellas held his own a little bit, but we got overwhelmed in that division.”

Josh Kennedy and Shannon Hurn

“He can’t play every game, but he is at the moment.”

“Shannon is the same, they need a rest at some stage.”

Willie Rioli

“We’re hoping it’s a cork (hamstring).”

Xavier O’Neil

“He got a knock on the knee.”

Elliot Yeo

“It was a pretty big hit (concussion protocol).”

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Chris Scott on:

Max Holmes

“It was clear he couldn’t go on (subbed out).”

Rhys Stanley

“Little bit of an ankle (late in Q4).”

Tyson Stengle

“He’s been a good acquisition for us.”

Patrick Dangerfield

“That’s our plan (to return next week).”

“The indications are that he’ll play next week.”

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Justin Longmuir on:

Lloyd Meek

“He was really competitive around the ball”

Rory Lobb

“I thought when Lobb went into the ruck was really good for us.”

Josh Treacy

“I thought Josh Treacy came in and gave us a really good strong contest.”

Blake Acres

“He’s been in really good form, he’s really matured, he’s got to work over the pre-season, really invested in the club and his role.”

Sean Darcy

“We’ll have to see how he goes next week (concussion protocol),”

“We’re pretty positive that Sean will be back.”

Matt Taberner

“Tabs might be another week.”

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Matthew Nicks on:

Brodie Smith

“He’ll go into the concussion protocols.”

Ned McHenry

“He had a cut to the head, so now we’ll have to assess him.”

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Leon Cameron on:

Toby Greene

“Having him in the team clearly helps because centre forward he’s such a bloody good player”

Stephen Coniglio

“I thought he played a really pivotal role as well.”

Lachie Ash

“Ash was terrific, he followed on again today.”

Finn Callaghan

“Finn Callaghan is making some really good in grounds.”

Jesse Hogan

“I though he marked the ball really well, he gave us a target.”

“The synergy is still a work in progress.”

Braydon Preuss and Matt Flynn

“Preuss and Flynn are starting to build a bit of a bond between the mids.”

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Sam Mitchell on:

Max Lynch

“I thought actually Max Lynch played reasonably well.”

Finn Maginness

“I thought he did a fantastic job (on Ed Langdon).”

“When you’ve got a player who’s willing to sacrifice his own role and his game to do something like that for the team I think it shows real progress in his game.”

Dylan Moore

“I thought it was an option for him to play a bit higher and play a bit of a looser role and to do as he liked really and he relished in that role and able to help us in numerous occasions in the game.”

Conor Nash

“He’ll have an assessment the next couple of days (Quad).”

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Adem Yze on:

Joel Smith

“He’s obviously rolled his ankle.”

Tom McDonald

“Tom McDonald obviously went back in the last quarter to cover for Joel Smith, so that could be an option for us as well.”

“So that might be a way he can stay in the team.”

Toby Bedford

“We were really proud with the way he come into the team.”

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Ken Hinkley on:

Aliir Aliir

“Clearly we’re a better team when Aliir’s in our team, when we defend as a group and we defended as a group tonight and Aliir gets to mop up a bit of that work really.”

Ollie Wines

“I thought last week in the second half particularly Ollie started to really motor.”

Mitch Georgiades

“He was a bit sure coming in, we weren’t quite sure he was going to get through to be honest.”

“He got through and he was going well, but his calf just tightened up halfway through the 3rd quarter.”

“We probably left it a little bit too late so I’m hoping he’s okay for next week.”

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Brett Ratten on:

Jack Steele

“I thought Steele was enormous”

Seb Ross

“I thought Seb Ross game as well was pretty good.”

Jack Sinclair

“I thought Sinclair was pretty good.”

Rowan Marshall

“Rowan Marshall will come back next week.”

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David Noble on:

Aiden Bonar

“He just loves a challenge,”

Miller Bergman

“It looks like it’s a (shoulder) dislocation, hopefully it’s not a bad one.”

Matt McGuinness

“Matt McGuinness has been going pretty well (VFL).”

Josh Goater

“Josh Goater unfortunately got concussed today (VFL).”

Todd Goldstein

“Probably the same (role short term).”

“I thought Todd gave us a great start in there tonight.”

“But that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t necessarily start CJ next week (ruck).”

“We’ll stick with the two rucks for sure.”

Callum Coleman-Jones

“He just needs to get more time under his belt at AFL level.”

Jason Horne-Francis

“I think he continues to get better each week.”

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Michael Voss

Tom De Koning

“I thought Tom was huge tonight,”

“He’s on a learning journey.”

Zac Williams

“Zac was a bit tight through his calf from training on Thursday (late withdrawal).”

Liam Stocker

“We’ll assess that (shoulder), we feel like he’s not too bad.”

Jack Carroll

“He had a really strong pre-season,”

“We’ve been really pleased with how he’s progressing as a player.”

George Hewett

“He should be fine (for next week).”

Adam Saad

“It was a pretty special night from him tonight.”

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Craig McRae on:

Darcy Cameron and Aiden Begg

“I think based on today those two guys particularly played that role really well (keeping the same ruck set up), be hard to change from that.”

Josh Daicos

“Josh is doing a lot right, he’s attacking the ball well, he’s using the ball well, he’s finishing his work.”

Callum Brown

“It was right to the wire whether Cal was going to play (late inclusion), we sort of moved him out thinking he’s not going to be right.”

“Then all of a sudden then we get word from the doctor that he’s going to be available (Illness), so we thought okay let’s get him back in for a number of reasons.”

“He did really to get up (to play).”

“I think 24 hours ago I wouldn’t have thought he was going to play.”

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Stuart Dew on:

Connor Budarick

“Clearly was hampered and then tried to play out and then was hampered again (ankle).”

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Ben Rutten on:

Dylan Shiel

“Came on and I think had an immediate impact in and around the ball.”

Nik Cox

“I think he’s not too bad (Ankle), I think we’re hopeful we’ll be able to get him up (next week).

Harry Jones

“We just want to build some consistency in his prep., that’s the biggest thing, he’s been interrupted stop/starting for about 10 weeks for a number of reasons.”

“So we’re putting a bit of a plan and a block of work together (for him).”

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Luke Beveridge on:

Robbie McComb

“So it was good to see Robbie McComb be involved in the game the way he was.”

“We asked him to play on a wing, it’s not really his plan A, he’s played a little bit of wing here and there, but he’s an inside mid/small forward.”

Aaron Naughton

“He’s a little bit sore throughout the course of the game, we sat him down just for the last 7 or 8 minutes, he should be okay.”

Mitch Wallis

“We’re hoping it’s a joint thing rather than a bone thing (foot).”

Marcus Bontempelli

“It’s not going to change dramatically (midfield usage).”

“It’ll continue to get a blend from him, but it might just depend on personal as well.”

Anthony Scott

“Will be available (Round 8).”

Stefan Martin

“I thought Stef did a terrific job.”

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John Longmire on:

Harry Cunningham

“He had a bit of a hip flexor, he came back on and then we thought he was just limping around a bit so we subbed him off.”

Tom Papley

“He’ll be better for that run and keep training and get back into the grove of it.”

“We’ve been pretty conservative with him.”

Peter Ladhams

“He’s been able to compete hard,”

“He’s still a young developing ruckman.”

“The last few weeks he’s been pretty good for us.”

Tom Hickey

“Tom Hickey mightn’t be far away next week (from returning), which would be good.”

“If we get to the stage where we could maybe even play two of them (Hickey and Ladhams), I think that’d be something we’d be looking at as well.”

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Chris Fagan on:

Darcy Fort

“He’s fitted into our group really well, he’s highly respected.”

“He and O (Oscar McInerney) are forming a really good partnership in the ruck.”

Darcy Gardiner

“I thought Darcy Gardiner did a great job a great job on Bud (Lance Franklin) in the first half.”

Joe Daniher

“We didn’t want to take any risks with him (Shoulder).”

Cam Rayner

“He was playing on-ball and then we said to him at half time, listen Joey (Daniher) is not going to come back on we need you to play as a tall forward for us.”

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