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2022 Coach Quotes: Round 10

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Michael Voss on:

Jacob Weitering

“He was amazing,”

“He just looked so safe and so sure and strong.”

Charlie Curnow

“He’s had a super pre-season.”

Tom DeKoning

“He was able to influence which was fantastic.”

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John Longmire on:

Josh Kennedy

“He said it was a bad hamstring.”

“It’s going to be quite a few weeks you’d imagine.”

Logan McDonald

“He’s still developing, we’ve stuck with him.”

“He looked pretty good tonight”

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Chris Scott on:

Patrick Dangerfield

“He was a bit tight in his calf (subbed out).”

“My hope is that it was just precautionary.”

“He started forward, but did play a little bit more forward than it probably looked.”

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Ken Hinkley on:

Aliir Aliir

“He’s played some solid footy this year but he’s certainly been building.”

“Aliir hopefully has got his best footy still to come in 2022.”

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Luke Beveridge on:

Luke Cleary

“I thought he had a really good game.”

Jordon Sweet

“He fought a terrific fight against big Wittsy (Jarrod Witts).”

Ed Richards

“We thought he was outstanding.”

Bailey Williams

“I thought Bailey Williams had a really strong game on the wing.”

Buku Khamis

“Buku didn’t have a big day but he had his moments too.”

Marcus Bontempelli

“He wasn’t his most influential through the midfield,”

Tim English

“I think Tim will be available.”

“That’s a real challenge for us to work out (team balance) with Tim coming back in what that looks like.”

Taylor Duryea

“He might be available.”

Jason Johannisen

“We’d imagine JJ would probably have another week on the sidelines (Illness).”

Cody Weightman

“Will be available”

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Stuart Dew on:

Joel Jeffrey

“We’ve been pretty keen to get Joel in, once he had some continuity in his game and consistency.”

“I think we saw today what he’s capable of.”

Rory Thompson

“Probably can give information that we’re not fearing the worst (Knee).”

Jy Farrar

“That’s the information so far (concussion).”

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David Noble on:

Jy Simpkin

“Jy’s been pretty consistent I think.”

Luke McDonald

“I thought Luke was really good off half-back.”

Aidan Corr

“I thought it was probably Aidan Corr’s best game for the club.”

Tristan Xerri

“Tristan’s done a great job to get himself back into the team.”

Todd Goldstein

“I think Todd’s game has stepped up the last 3 weeks again, I thought he was terrific again today.”

Curtis Taylor

“A bit sore (Ribs), he’ll have a scan I think in the next couple of days.”

Cam Zurhaar

“When he brings that energy, he influences and connects others into the game.”

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Simon Goodwin

Toby Bedford

“He’s ready to play AFL footy.”

“His opportunities will come.”

“He’s going to find his way into the team for long periods at some stage.”

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Ed Landgon

“He was pretty sore (Ribs), so we’ll have to assess that.”

Clayton Oliver

“Today, he was outstanding,”

“His stuff around the footy was the best I’ve seen for a long long time.”

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Brett Ratten on:

Bradley Hill

“I thought Hilly played pretty well.”

Mitch Owens

“Mitch Owens is not far away either, he’s been in really good form (VFL).”

Paddy Ryder

“He’s playing terrific footy.”

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Matthew Nicks on:

Kieran Strachan

“We were pleased with Strachany’s game.”

“I thought Strachan was very good around the ground.”

Jackson Hately and Jake Soligo

“These guys are getting an opportunity and showing what they’ve got.”

“We’ve been really impressed with Soli, he’s got a very rounded game.”

“He’s continuing to learn but playing some great footy for us.”

“Jacko, in and around the footy played his best game last week, again this week solid.”

“So he’s building a connection with Lairdy (Rory Laird) and Ben Keays, Sam Berry in there as well.”

Josh Rachele

“It was a pretty bad cork (subbed out).”

“We’re always mindful with first year players, getting through 22 games in a season is pretty tough for any first year (player).”

“With him we’ll really assess this one (games played).”

“At some point we’re going to look to manage guys like Josh, even Soligo is another one that we’ll keep a close eye on.”

Jordan Dawson

“We put him where we feel he’s going to impact the game.”

“We had him up around the ball for a fair part of the match-up.”

“We’d like him around the footy.”

“He had another strong game and impacted the game well.”

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Ben Rutten on:

Mason Redman

“I really liked his game, I thought he had a real intent and purpose about him.”

“I think he’s probably been one of our most consistent performers all year.”

Dylan Shiel

“His fight during the game was pretty good.”

Matt Guelfi

“Suspected hamstring injury.”

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Damien Hardwick on:

Kane Lambert (hip) and Tom Lynch (hamstring)

“Those boys won’t play next week.”

Robbie Tarrant

“Thought he was really good tonight.”

Dion Prestia

“He’s a player that covers the ground from contest to contest well, uses it well, sees the game incredibly well, just so important to the way we play.”

Liam Baker

“His last 2 weeks have been fantastic, his ability to win the ball and start our offence has been very important.”

“He’s very valuable, can play in multiple positions.”

Jack Graham

“Jack will be available to play next week at this stage.”

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Mark McVeigh on:

Stephen Coniglio

“Our captain Stephen Coniglio really went inside and had a great game for the footy club, and we were really impressed with that.”

“Hasn’t had that opportunity a lot, and just seeing him being able to make that transition as a forward and coming up into the middle of the ground was exciting.”

Harry Himmelberg

“Harry actually was a defender early doors in his career.”

“It’s not to say that’s where he’s going to sit, but we just wanted to have a look at it.”

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Adam Simpson on:

Luke Shuey

“It’s not a hamstring, back related (subbed out).”

Callum Jamieson

“Looks good, exciting.”

“Pleasantly impressed with his ability to adapt to the contest.”

“He competes and that’s what we admire and that’s what we like.”

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Chris Fagan on:

Jaxon Prior and Tom Fullarton

“Was really pleased with the effort of those two boys today.”

“Jaxon has been building, he’s been mostly playing as a wingman, he was pretty damaging today when he got some shots on goal.”

Joe Daniher

“I think Joey would be probably another 3 weeks (from returning).”

Dan McStay and Marcus Adams

“I think Dan McStay would be a chance to play next week as will Marcus Adams.”

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Sam Mitchell on:

Max Lynch

“I thought Maxy Lynch was really strong for us.”

“Think he’ll be okay (late high contact).”

Jai Newcombe

“Jai Newcombe is really a self-driven athlete.”

“He’s got a lot of composure and he’s going about it in the right way, playing some different roles for us at different stages.”

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Justin Longmuir on:


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Craig McRae on:

Mason Cox

“Dislocation (finger).”

John Noble

“Johnny Noble is not getting much credit for how well he’s going.”

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