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2022 Coach Quotes: Round 11

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John Longmire on:

Callum Mills

“I think Millsy played the role well (in defence)”

“We had to pull a lever and change something (to stop scores against).”

Lance Franklin

“He did some pretty special things,”

Nick Blakey

“He wasn’t right to play (illness – late withdrawal).”

Sam Reid

“He played well, he played the role really well (forward/ruck).”

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Damien Hardwick on:

Dustin Martin

“He played majority forward,”

Josh Gibcus

“I thought he was really good, he’s got good leg speed Josh and we rate him highly.”

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Chris Fagan on:

Jarrod Berry

“Jarrod Berry has been learning to play the wing all season,”

Deven Robertson

“He was good.”

Hugh McCluggage

“I expect Hugh McCluggage will be right to play (next game).”

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Mark McVeigh on:

Callan Ward

“He was subbed out with that concussion.”

James Peatling

“He’s gone forward and played really well for us (since returning to the team).”

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Chris Scott on:

Tom Stewart

“Tom Stewart was juts sensational today.”

“I think he’s the best defender in the game.”

Gryan Miers

“We made a deliberate decision last week to manage him out of the game (started game as sub).”

“We thought that the training we were able to get into him last week was the right thing to do.”

Tyson Stengle

“Again he had an impact, he played the role we asked him to play.”

“He’s a bit more of a stay at home small forward.”

Tom Atkins

“More than what he does in terms of the contest work and his running power which is pretty good as well, he just adds another dimension in there (midfield).”

“We think he’s building himself into being a well-rounded player.”

Shannon Neale

“Athletically, he’s amazing,”

“At that height (202cm) we think that’s going to him the capacity to play in a number of different positions and be a handful.”

Gary Rohan (hamstring tightness)

“He will be (available next game).”

Rhys Stanley

“Just the ankle is lingering a little bit, I would say likely this week.”

“An hour before the game on Friday night I suspect we’ll make that call.”

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Matthew Nicks on:

Reilly O’Brien

“Really pleased with Reilly, came back in and competed and was part of that midfield group.”

“We’ll continue to have a look at that, whether there’s a possibility of us possibly going 2 rucks.”

Darcy Fogarty

“I thought today he was outstanding, I thought he stood up, gave us exactly what he’s been working on.”

Jordon Butts

“I believe it was concussion (no confirmation).”

Riley Thilthorpe

“Had some impact today at times, but he’s still really learning his craft.”

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Simon Goodwin on:

Steven May

“Obviously he’s concussed, so he’ll miss next week.”

“He’s a pretty important to us.”

Harrison Petty

“He’s got a bit of a knee, so we’ll have to have a look at that as well.”

Adam Tomlinson

“Is in some really good form (VFL).”

“He’s probably the obvious one (to play next game).”

Christian Petracca

“Trac woke up this morning a bit crook, that was another concern heading into the game.”

“Hopefully he’ll get through that alright the next 24-48 hours and be fine.”

“Clearly he wasn’t at his absolute best.”

“He didn’t quite have the energy that he needed,”

“Second half we played him a fair bit forward because you could see that he just wasn’t having the run and the energy that he would normally have in his game.”

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Justin Longmire on:

Rory Lobb

“He was great, he got back to his best of competing and he got some reward for that competing tonight.”

Matt Taberner

“He had a spasm in his back (subbed out).”

Nat Fyfe

“We’ll have to weigh that up Monday/Tuesday, see how he feels.”

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Adam Simpson on:

Jack Darling

“He looked a real threat, we just couldn’t get it in there (Inside 50).”

Jeremy McGovern

“Bit of nerve damage.”

Luke Shuey

“He played the game out so hopefully it’s not too bad (Ribs).”

Elliot Yeo and Dom Sheed

“We won’t be throwing them straight back in.”

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Luke Beveridge on:

Tim English

“He had a tremendous return.”

“He’s a great example of a ruckman in the competition that plays the game extremely well outside of the stoppage, he’s a very good turnover ruckman, he doesn’t just get behind the ball, he’ll spread forward and he’ll link up in chains.”

“He’s adjusted the balance of his defensive mindset and his want to spread forward a little bit this year.”

Cody Weightman

“He’s a courageous aerialist for his size and he had a good return as well.”

Taylor Duryea

“I thought Taylor Duryea was exceptional in our backend as well.”

Aaron Naughton

“He’s jarred his wrist, we think it’s okay.”

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Sam Mitchell on:

Ned Reeves

“We’re hopeful that he’ll be okay for this week.”

Jack Scrimshaw

“He had blurred vision.”

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Stuart Dew on:

Jy Farrar

“We think he’ll come into the side (next week) if he’s cleared.”

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David Noble on:

Ben McKay

“Ben will come back hopefully next week.”

Aaron Hall

“not far away (from a return).”

“Bailey Scott going back to half back-half I think has been a real winner.”

Lachie Young

“I think Lachie Young is continuing to get better as a half-back.”

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Brett Ratten on:

Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera

“He’s very talented Nasiah and we know what he can do with the football, he’s still growing, learning the game, and he did it off a pretty much a limited pre-season as well, he’s still taking big steps.”

Ben Long

“I though Long’s presence in the front half,”

“I thought he worked tirelessly help others and his presence and pressure was through the roof.”

Bradley Hill

“He’s playing some good footy,”

“He’s put a lot of hard work in the pre-season.”

Rowan Marshall

“He’s fine (shoulder).”

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Michael Voss on:

Jacob Weitering

“We think it will be more on the major end than the minor end (shoulder), he’ll go see the surgeon early this week, we’ll decide whether he has surgery, if it ventures into that space we’re probably more talking more a longer term 5 or 6 weeks.”

Charlie Curnow

“Charlie made the most of his opportunities.”

“Kemp’s played down there (defence to replace Weitering).”

Caleb Marchbank

“He’ll be ready to go post-bye.”

Paddy Dow

“Obviously Matty Kennedy came out (injured) and he slotted straight into that (midfield) role.”

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Craig McRae on:

Mason Cox

“I believe in Mason and today he got to show what he’s capable of.”

Nathan Murphy

“I reckon he compliments Darcy (Moore) and Jeremy Howe really well.”

“I think he’s a really good system player.”

“He’s really important to our back 6.”

Jordan DeGoey

“He doesn’t play much midfield, he does a lot of centre bounce, then comes up to stoppages.”

“We don’t see him as a midfielder.”

John Noble

“I just love his fight and the way goes about it.”

“His last 5 weeks have been really strong.”

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Ben Rutten on:

Mason Redman, Matt Guelfi, Jake Stringer, Kyle Langford and Will Snelling

“We’ll get Redman, Guelfi, Stringer at this stage back (post-bye),”

“Probably Langford and Snelling not too far behind after that.”

Andrew Phillips and Sam Draper

“We’ve liked that kind of through the last 5-6 rounds (dual ruck setup).”

“We’ve quite liked the look of having two rucks.”

Darcy Parish

“I think the conditions suit him but he’s certainly been a really strong contributor for us.”

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Ken Hinkley on:

Trent Dumont

“He’s been pretty important for us,”

Dan Houston

“Half-back (ideal role).”

“Dan certainly gives us great punch off there and he’s in really strong form.”

Orazio Fantasia

“He’s pretty important to us if we can get him back (set to undergo further scans).”

Sam Hayes

“He’s grown in his game every opportunity he gets.”

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