Wed. Aug 17th, 2022
Sydney Update: Will Gould

AFL Fantasy News: There has been an update on Will Gould.

He is yet to make his AFL debut after being selected at pick 26 in the 2019 AFL Draft by Sydney. 

Gould continues to develop at the Swans and remains behind players such as Paddy McCartin who was added to the list playing a similar type defensive role.

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Sydney assistant coach Don Pyke provided an update on Tuesday.

“He struggled last year a little bit, this year his form has been a lot more consistent.”

“When I say struggled last year it was probably just his struggle with consistency.”

“This year he’s been far more consistent.”

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“His name is regularly mentioned at selection,”

“He’s really waiting in the wings at this point for someone to drop off in form or an opportunity in the senior team.”

“With Paddy McCartin coming in and playing the role he did has probably made it hard for Will because they’re similar type players.”

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“He’s progressing, I think he’s a better player now than he was say at the start of the year.”

“If he keeps working away and keeps improving in that consistency that opportunity can come.”

 “We probably think he’s suited to that 3rd tall type defender that he can play as still be able to spoil but still have an agility to move around off them (opponents).” Pyke said. 

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