Swans: Kurt Tippett Retires

Kurt Tippett has retired after 178 games with the Swans and Crows, he underwent ankle reconstructive surgery post-season and was still in the rehabilition phase.

Tippett played in only 60.2% of games mainly due to injuries since crossing to the Swans late in 2012, he was suspended for 10 games by the AFL for his controversial trade from the Crows.

Tippett kicked 325 career Goals at an average of 1.83 per game, in his first 3 years at the Swans he averaged 2.34 Goals per game but that average fell to 0.92 Goals in his final 2 years.

FANTASY TAKE: Tippett’s retirement does provide a better opportunity for Darcy Cameron to debut in 2018, Sam Naismith & Callum Sinclair will still be preferred as No.1 Ruck.