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2022 Fantasy: GWS Giants ruck set-up

GWS GM of Football Operations Jason McCartney provided some insight as to how the team will line-up at the ruck position in 2022, speaking on Trade Radio last week he stated that the Giants are heading for a change in game style. 

This could impact the ruck situation in 2022, a two ruck set-up is a distinct possibility. 


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When asked how the Giants will set up in the forward line next year, McCartney replied: 

“Then it’s a matter of what we do in that ruck space, there were times this year for a couple of games where we had both (Kieren) Briggs & (Matt) Flynn rucking forward,”

“Braydon Preuss has been injured all year, we hope that he gets a good run at it.”

“So we’re just balancing (our needs) for that extra tall position (forward), will it be a mobile dynamic sort of hybrid type or will it need to be one of our ruckman & playing two rucks”

“So we’ll work through that over the off-season & it will all be predicated a bit by the tweaks in the style of play we want to implement” Giants GM of Football Operations Jason McCartney via Trade Radio (September 30).

Braydon Preuss didn’t play a game for the Giants in 2021, the Giants used a mixture of Shane Mumford, Matt Flynn & Kieren Briggs at the ruck position. 


FANTASY IMPACT: The likely change in game style for the Giants will be important to follow for season long fantasy, if senior coach Leon Cameron heads down the path of a dual ruck set-up then the output for players at that position may be limited somewhat. 

Braydon Preuss will be a huge target for season long fantasy, especially more so if he’s in a solo ruck situation, however Matt Flynn & Kieren Briggs showed that they were more than capable in the 2021 season. 


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The Giants will be a must watch over the pre-season, it is likely information on game style will be available at some stage with linked intelligence on the preferred ruck set-up for the season. 

Preuss is a consideration for season long fantasy at Round 1, his ADP will likely be determined by information over the pre-season on the ruck set-up at the Giants.


“They’ll be fighting it out, there might be at times where two of those guys play & one spending time forward” Giants GM of Football Operations Jason McCartney via SEN (October 14) on Braydon Preuss, Kieren Briggs & Matt Flynn.


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