Mon. May 23rd, 2022
Carlton Update: 2022 Game plan

Carlton senior coach Michael Voss has opened up on the game plan for 2022, speaking on day one of pre-season he was quick to point out a balance with the importance of winning the ball at the contest. 

“I think the most important thing for us at the moment is that we have a balanced view in our game style.”

“It won’t be all about defence at the expense of what we want to get in our offence, and likewise the other way around”


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“We’ll certainly promote a balanced game style that’s for sure” Voss said. 

Carlton were ranked 14th last year in contested possession differential, that is not lost on Voss entering his first year as senior coach at the Blues.

Finding balance was a key takeaway from his Monday presser, but winning the ball in contested situations will be a focus. 

“It’s underpinned by the fact that we need to be able to get our hands on the ball first, then we play off from there.”

Voss identified Lewis Young as a potential replacement for Liam Jones who recently retired.

He also spoke about a role change for Mitch McGovern. 

“We’re certainly happy to explore Mitch McGovern going back (to defence), he’s been super keen to maybe take on a challenge like that”

Caleb Marchbank is expected to return to training “post-Christmas”.


Source: Michael Voss, Carlton
Image credit: Carlton


Fantasy Impact: Expect Carlton to improve on a -7.3 Contested Possession Differential from the 2021 H&A season, players such as Patrick Cripps & Adam Cerra will be critical at midfield stoppages.

The spread of Sam Walsh should remain vitality important. 

Michael Voss said Patrick Cripps looked pretty good from a health perspective on Monday, Cripps will be looking to bounce back from an injury interrupted 2021 pre-season.


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Newly acquired Adam Cerra & George Hewett should see decent midfield usage in 2022.


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