Mon. May 23rd, 2022
Geelong Update: Managing Players

AFL News: Geelong may look to manage players through the bye period.

Senior coach Chris Scott has been absolutely clear this year that they will manage players to maintain a high level of performance. 

“I think we’ve been consistent throughout the course of the year probably the last couple of years in that our priority is to make sure that all our guys go out and play when they’re in a position to play at their best,”

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“We don’t want to ask those guys to push through things that limit them too much.”

When asked about managing players around the bye period Scott said it may present an opportunity to maximise resting periods.

“It’s obviously a consideration that managing a player going into the bye has its merits,”

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“Some players need a little bit more R&R, some players especially younger ones need a little bit more training.”

“So sometimes maximising that period through the bye, which means they could effectively miss one game to get three weeks of training is an option for us.”

When asked specifically about managing Shaun Higgins during the upcoming period Scott stated that age and experience would be a factor in determining players that could be rested.

“He’s in a group of other players as well that need to be managed by virtue of their sort of age and experience.”

“It’s likely that a few of those guys will play less senior footy so that when they do play senior footy even VFL footy that they’re ready to perform.”

Geelong play the Western Bulldogs ahead of their Round 13 bye, the Cats then travel to Perth to play West Coast post bye.

Scott also provided an update on game style saying he thinks any type of slow ball movement from Geelong “depends on the way the opposition play”.

“It’s not a situation where we’re saying righto we’re going to tweak it, the way we played last week is consistent with the way we’ve tried to play all year.”

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“And obviously at times I think we’ve been a little bit inconsistent with the way we’ve played overall,”

“More than anything last week was a bit more of a realignment to what we’re trying to do.”

“In the end I thought we gave our forwards really good looks,”

“It would be a mistake to say that we’re a kick mark team but if the opposition force us to play that way then that’s a weapon we have in the arsenal.”

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Scott also added that at match committee “we’ll do our best” to retain Mitch Knevitt and Cooper Stephens in the team this week. 

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